What are examples of right-hand bubbles or leftist bubbles?

Bubbles are a kind of spheres of influence that someone can sit in.For example, if you are in a right-hand bubble, just see news, posts or interviews that turn right into a good light.

But there is another kind of bubble.Town and countryside. Left and right.

In America, the rule of thumb applies:

Cities along the coast and sometimes inland are leftist bubbles, think of New York, Washington, Houston, Los Angeles or San Francisco.These are the places where the left-wing ideas get away, where the regulations are more often adapted to go along with the time (or its time for it).

The rest of the country is predominantly right.

Now politics in the New World is a little different than in our Netherlands, but here too you can say that some cities are leftist bubbles.

Here you can see, for example, that the cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Zwolle and Groningen voted on Green Left, while the interior is still predominantly dark green (CDA), and blue (VVD) colors, with here and there FvD.

Not certain left-wing parties.

A student corps is a right-wing bubble.Education is an example of a left-hand bubble.

Some examples:

Trump is mentally ill.

Klaver is actually called Yassin.

Hitler was left.

Baudet wants to return to the Golden Age.

Bij1 is a hate party set up against white men.

VVD is right.

VVD is left.

The appalling conditions in Africa are due mainly to the shortcomings of the African.

The appalling conditions in Africa are mainly attributable to the Western colonization drift.

White people are inherently racist

Black people are inherently racist.

A Nexit means a disastrous economy by definition.

FvD is a fascist party lurging behind a liberal democratic mask.

An example:

On the right it always begins “that they can never say what…”, and left often starts over “extreme right” or even “fascist” parties which also just lean a tad right.

Ask grandma: When you were 16 and the results of the elections were just inside, how many people did you know who had voted on each side?At that time, for Facebook and Twitter, she knew no one who had voted on the winning party.

People bear prejudices about their group and the groups they do not belong to.We underestimate the complexity groups we are not in and take over those ideas of our own group. Such a group can consist of people with a certain political conviction, carnival-goers, a family, country, favorite football club, etc.

When you walked ala left person through the city, you really didn’t take up a straight newspaper. You can often be bothered about certain topics with someone who has right-wing opinions and vice versa.No bubble needed.

I also heard lat on the radio that the University of Amsterdam had found that filter bubbles did not have much influence on people’s ideas.

I will be a “dive” wagon…

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