What are examples of leftist bubbles?

What are examples of leftist bubbles?

Below is an overview of the different types of (leftist) bubbles in Dutch society.Remember: Most of these also know a right-wing counterpart.

Leftist bubbles naturally exist in many media.The most watched television programmes are mostly left. If Robert Jensen has made a tangent in his career, then it is that there is a lack of popular right-wing television programs (the reason for this may be → an unrealistic hegemonial domination of the left-wing media world-such as Robert Jensen Claiming-or the reason may lie in a lagging need for right-wing television-I leave this recital to you.Television programmes with left undertone are for example: The world is running, Jinek, peacock etc. If your media diet consists of watching these aforementioned television programs, you can get into a kind of bubble/echo chamber.

Leftist bubbles also exist in education.Where HBO and MBO education are often more neutral, universities are heavily left. Left thinking about climate issues, migration and other issues is stimulated (in the words of Thierry Baudet: forced) and there is little against noise. A student can get the feeling that everyone in the Netherlands thinks about political matters in the same way. There is a bubble.

Online media can also be a cause for the emergence of a left bubble.Publications such as Joop and De Groene Amsterdammer (also exists in print) do not tolerate right-wing contradictions and show only the left side of political problems. These publications also exist for the right side of society, and these are often much more efficient and productive in the binding of users.The Post Online and the daily standard are examples, but also no style and Dumpert carry an efficient right-hand message.

The media science has been discussing the existence of ‘ the filter bubble ‘ for years.This bubble would arise because search engines and social media adapt to the user’s personal preferences and therefore only recommend content that is in line with the wishes of these users. The user is in a filter bubble. All he or she sees is in accordance with his or her own opinions. This causes a personal bubble for every social media user. So, a leftist bubble for left-wing users and a right-hand bubble for right-wing users.

Bubbles naturally also exist in real life.The people you surround yourself with, the media you choose to consume, even the neighborhood you choose to live in. Bubbles are normal and have always been heard in politics. What we now call bubbles were ‘ pillars ‘ 50 years ago. The tragedy is that people are often no longer looking for the truth beyond their bubble. Right and left know their own version of the facts and ignore each other. Bubbles are not problematic in themselves, the absence of political curiosity is a problem.


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