What are effective habits that you can apply in everyday life to improve your self-confidence?

When you build small ‘ wins ‘ in your daily life, you increase your confidence in the long term. Those small ‘ wins ‘ give you the necessary encouragement.

Everything revolves around habits, whether they’re conscious or unconscious.We have them all: good and bad. Usually we just accept them.

But some actually hinder us from leading the life we want.

Every night a little longer watching TV than good for you. That third sphere ice cream while you know that two is enough. Smoking.Too much of your time messing up on the internet. Again forgot to give a compliment to someone who deserves it and needs it. Just fill it in. Overcoming or altering a certain habit requires perseverance.

I would like to ask you today to Choose one habit that you want to change . Choose that habit that annoys you the most to work the next seven days .No longer than that!

In the next seven days you will soon find out whether or not you really want to change that habit.

These are the 4 steps to change that habit:


Take a petal paper and write your habit.Place the petal where you can see it every day and all day long.It can hang on the bathroom mirror, on your calendar, on your desk, on your computer…

2.Decide and accept that you are going to work effectively on this habit. No postponement.Now is the moment.

3.Be aware of what exactly triggers this habit. Write those triggers on that petal paper.For example, a trigger is the bell when you receive a new email. But also a certain emotion can be a trigger.For example, anyone who feels lonely will quickly get some facebooken. When these triggers occur, you need to be aware of it. And once that trigger occurs, you have the choice: you do as usual… Or you can deliberately insert a new habit.In the beginning, you should consciously ‘ think ‘ to show and follow that new behavior. But the more you do it, the more it goes automatically. And the less you have to think about it.

4.What habit will you have in place?
What certainly helps to take action is to find a new habit that you love.For example, suppose you grab out of boredom to the candy box. Then you can build up the new habit, and every time you feel boredom, you attract your athletic shoes and walk a lap.

Your goal for every day is to make you feel good about the progress you have made in CHANGING that one habit.The small ‘ wins ‘ ensure that you keep moving. Because without that daily wins, you feel overwhelmed soon.And by that little habit you will improve your self-confidence.

Make your choice, and assist.

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