What are consequences in life by having a high IQ but a very low emotional intelligence?

If you have and high IQ, but a low EQ (feelings, social skills) then you can quickly be seen as ‘ cold ‘, ‘ obsessed with science (or something like that) ‘ and one has often a bias ready when they first meet with you.

It can also provide individualism.Because you are not very sociable, friends are making more difficult and most remain on the sidelines as ‘ acquaintances ‘.

A possible gradient is Loneliness → bitterness → despair → suicide.

One can define a “low EQ” in different ways:

  1. Not feeling another’s emotions,
  2. Expressing his own emotions in a socially less acceptable way,
  3. In socially less acceptable way its reaction on another its emotions give.

People with “low EQ” often suffer the most (2) and (3), and that often causes others to think that (1) is the cause and that low-EQ people are feeling poor.The consequence is that one byends low-EQ humans.

Another reason why one avoids low-EQ people is that their defective reactions are often perceived as deliberate indifference or ridicule.Then one avoids such persons because it is thought that they have a bad character.

These are reasons why low-EQ people are shuned, which leads to solitude.Unfortunately, a very high IQ also leads to solitude, because if there is more than 30 IQ points difference, there is no meaningful kommunikatie possible. With virtually no one, for those with an IQ higher than 150. http://prometheussociety.org/wp/… Talking about coots and calves (in their perception, at least) is terrible for high-IQ persons and “normies” are mostly not interested in high-IQ subjects.

The loneliness caused by the high IQ and the loneliness caused by the low EQ multiply each other and the result is someone without interpersonal relations, at least not on the emotional and intellektual plane.So these people live in a state of social isolation, and often their lives long. This causes large, usually permanent psychological problems *. The longer the situation persists, the less chance the person has to learn to adapt and build a friends or acquaintances circle, let alone a relationship.

In their attempts to temporarily lower their IQ and increase their empathy/reduce inhibitions, these people sometimes become addicted to Alcohol at a younger age or become large consumers of Cannabis.

(*) Except in people with schizoid personality disorder-who want to maintain as less as possible interhuman relations “hermits”.

That depends on the choice of profession.

Some professions can get you very far without being social.

Other professions, you still have to have some ‘ people IQ ‘.Then it becomes very difficult. Everyone wants recognition for their talent and their ability.

I think a good start is to choose a profession where you don’t need high social IQ, and yet your intelligence is appreciated, and your career can make it.

For a good long term relationship you don’t need a high social IQ.

If emotional intelligence is meant: in time know from which angle the wind blows and you can adjust it smoothly, maybe a high IQ but a low EQ can be very tricky.

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