What airline company do you have bad experiences with?

Cabin staff with attitude…

1) Royal Air Maroc – flights from Casablanca within Africa.Perfectly normal between Casablanca and Europe, neat and polite ladies. From Casablanca to the south, Hoei, wait. Young men I think they have been scraped randomly from the Amsterdam sidewalk. K-Morocts who live out their hormonal frustration on the passengers. (Based on half a dozen recent experiences). And Casablanca Airport has a fantastically reputation for losing your luggage.

2) Air India (Bit longer ago).Obviously what was going on here: stewardesses were, of course, only recruited from the higher cabinets – from families with servants – and now they had their ‘ wings ‘ turned out that they had just become servants themselves. That’s not good, I can imagine. Flown two or three times. Switching to Mumbai or Delhi – an opportunity to be under the foot in a stampede to a desk. It turned out that the seats were redistributed, based on who had the most powerful elbows.

3) KLM in the early years 70. The staff consisted of distinguished ladies (“Mrs”) and gentlemen (“The Lord”) and it was clear that you should be very grateful to fly with KLM.KLM once had parcel playing cards with KLM imprint. That was abolished “because there was too much demand for”. We cannot start there. Indeed, where much demand is you should not do that is vulgar. Thank goodness has come a little change.

And that the safety instruction videos from Air France are simply swallowed – it’s 2019, where are the feminists when you need them.How stereotyped can you portray a French stewardess – slim, Koket, oh la La. Zum Kotzen.

Personally No.

As a rule, I try not to choose price fighters and if you can fly with KLM/VLM.To Asia I would choose Qatar or Singapore Airlines. It does not excites me to pay 100 to 200 euros more for an intercontinental flight if I arrive better equipped. Whether it’s holiday or business, comfort is part of the travel/vacation/work environment for me.

Do have experience with Ryanair and Easyjet.. Have been flown several times by start-ups in England for example and then it is standard Easyjet/Ryanair.Then I just don’t take a large suitcase with only hand luggage. The chairs are less comfortable and I don’t really attract that in terms of health. It’s like sitting in an old city bus, on a hot day, and it’s too full, and the people are cranky. Luckily you are in London within an hour.. I have so far been lucky with service and luggage * knocking off *.

With Corendon, nothing world shocking, but still annoying.The first time: flight to Istanbul from Eindhoven. When everyone had long spent the plane slowing down, they finally came to tell us something: Panne. The IS was long past when we finally got the chance to have something to eat in the cafeteria. We got a voucher, but what turned out: you had to choose between a drink or a sandwich, because not enough value for both. Those who travelled by two were lucky: they could each take a sandwich, and share one drink together, for the others unfortunately.. It appeared that the same aircraft had the same defect 3 times in succession. Not really reassuring.. We had booked a hotel in Istanbul on your own and were picked up and brought back to the airport by someone from the hotel, free of charge, which was so agreed. But that did not fit in the booth of Corendon. When we were about to step into the car, towards the airport, someone came from Corendon and started to make a scene on the footpath. Expressions such as “unfair competition” and “customer stealing” were not shaken. There was also a threat of not supplying customers anymore.. Please note: We were not hotel customers of Corendon.. But eventually we followed that man to the bus, not to let it escalate. So instead of stepping in front of the hotel, we had to put our luggage up three steep streets, because buses were not allowed to stop at the front. After 10 minutes of driving, the attendant came to ask us for money, our contribution for the ride to the airport. We made a quarrel to the airport as we refused to pay. On the way they also threatened to throw us off the bus, which was natural oil on the fire because eventually we were practically forced to take that bus. But 4 pairs of evil eyes have changed their minds… I found this whole hassle all but customer friendly

A number, to was Olympic, the Greek pride that would bring me home from Dubai after a week’s fair.Flight at 1 hour… Tried to check in but nowhere to find a counter of them.

To ask the airport staff where I can go to check in and get in reply “Oh, that don’t fly tonight, haven’t they warned you then?”

Beautiful, there you stand.Then looked up their office.. CA 3 hours later after the whole airport was combed there was someone of the information (Narrig!) willing to walk along to find them only after an hour in what I can only describe as “best kept secret” location…. Finally the day after it arrived but that is once but never again…

Also BA made it ever fur.On the last flight Friday night from London to Amsterdam a 737 – 200 with at least 50 passengers transferring is also not very funny.

Business Clas ticket so 5 minutes before takeoff I got a ticket for economy and notice that I’ll get the difference back.Ok, in Amsterdam you hear that you should have done that in the UK….

Well, went every 2weeks so that came out really fine….Incidentally, the same evening was the same going on with the flight to Paris. French have something more temperament so that went quite noisy….

That was my last BA flight.

I arrived at Bangkok at 08:30.My connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh City with VietJet Air would be at 14:00, after which I had another flight to Phu Quoc in the south. At 10:30 the communication appeared on the information board: Cancelled. If they had informed the passengers in advance by email, I could have been able to take a previous flight. If it could not have been because of circumstances, they would have been able to explain that with excuses at least. The result for me was that I had to find a hotel where I could sleep two hours, buy two new tickets and instead of 28 hours was 56 hours on the way. No more VietJet Air.

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