What action would you take to improve the EU?

More Direct Democracy.

In the EU elections, I choose a Dutch party that enters into a commitment with a European party that is unknown to me.

Why do I not directly choose a people’s representative for that EU party?

In addition, the President of the European Commission, as well as its members, should be elected directly (and indirectly) by the people.

I would:

  • Making Europe more democratic, with a directly elected President of the European Commission and directly elected Parliament;
  • To define the Western European core values in a binding constitution, including the separation of powers, separation between church and state, equality irrespective of religion and sexual preference and freedom of the press;
  • Establishing a European public broadcaster with current events, information and entertainment;
  • Establishing a European army;
  • As Evert van dikes proposes to throw out Poland, Hungary and Malta, and the rest of the Eastern Bloc countries make it clear that Europe is shaken on Western European values;
  • To abolish Strasbourg as a meeting location.

Poland, Hungary and Malta.

It should be a looser relationship of countries.More autonomy for individual countries, but different countries should also be more easily excluded from certain schemes (more effective sanctions)

In This connection, I am In the end of a abolition of the European Parliament and European elections.The national parliaments are given more powers. By law, there is a delegation from the national parliaments. This makes it easier to use specialists. Finally, the vote will take place in the national parliaments.

Each country continues to have great opportunities to deviate from European legislation.

Let us start with the easiest thing that at the same time raises the most annoyance among Europeans: traffic.

One system of environmental zones for the whole of Europe with one sticker.

One petrol and diesel price (better said:-Excise duty) for the whole of Europe.

One BPM rate for the whole of Europe.

One fine system with a European debt collection agency.

The same traffic rules throughout Europe.

Uniform toll charges across Europe with one toll badge.

An apk for the whole of Europe.

So.The European administration can bite their teeth over the next 20 years.

And above all, let us NOT choose the president directly unless we want to be stuck with a German in the coming century.Germany has the most inhabitants, you snap.

Three Crazy ideas maybe

  1. European Parliament reduce from 751 to 100 seats or so. I will be wrong but I find it a waste of money in salaries.

Because is more always better for expertise and the governability in the Union?

  • Smallest countries 1 seat, Netherlands-size 2 and Germany-size 3, counted of population number.
  • I think this reduces dominance of the big boys.

  • Bi-Monetary union.
  • Each country may have its own currency in addition to the Euro and re-valuate the Euro as it wishes. Little extra administration, but more influence for national states.

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