Were you at some point in your life so you decided to leave everything behind and start again in another country? How did it?

My wife and I,

-We were still young-

Have ever wanted to flee from the Netherlands and want to start a hotel in Barcelona.

The Immigration Department in the Netherlands did so very hard,

That we (my wife, Chinese, and i) were clean enough at a given time,

And its going to look around in Barcelona.

Starting a hotel in a country of which you hardly know the language, of which you understand the culture but at a certain level,

Was obviously a great idea!

But of course that was absolutely nothing.

It was also quickly realised that the immigration service was in our eyes unreasonable,

But still a factor 10 more predictable than the Spanish authorities.

We also bought a property in Barcelona a few years later,

That then again well…

So if we ever want to flee, the step is made quickly.

I decided to get a sex adaptation surgery and hormone treatment.So I started at the Seksologische Clinic of Copenhagen. Are you sitting in the waiting room of pedos and rapists and you get a psyk that changed to the oat blow the diagnosis. One week he found that I was scizo and the next week I was suddenly a psychopath. When he said as a joke that I could better cut off the thing with a bread knife myself I had enough. So just buy a single-billet to Amsterdam.

It all didn’t count.New language, no health insurance, no work, no living space. Constantly insulted on solicitation and residential groups because they found me looking screwy. Constantly lose bikes and telephones. 3000 guilder to a scammer to whom I paid a deposit while the house was not his.

In the end it has come pretty well.Have many Dutch friends and a Dutch Doctorgrad.

But above all, the Netherlands is the country where doctors help me, while Denmark is the country where doctors prefer to be dead.

Yes, but my parents have generated feelings of guilt from here to Tokyo and I have just stayed.Then got a burnout, but it’s different story.

I lost my job in the chemical industry.In a nerdy way. It turned out to be a cyclical company that also threw its scientific staff in the loop. I was 42. After that I was long unemployed, intermittently 3 years.

I then started working for an NGO that sent me to a former bantustan in South Africa for development work.I have been there for three years and did not regret my choice afterwards, although it was quite a mess. You get used to many things, but funerals of dead-good people who are murdered there do not turn to you. It could have happened to me too. I am also threatened with this. Just because I’m blank. Luckily I got a job in the US afterwards.

Not yet, but I’m considering it though.

This occasionally shoots through my head sometimes daily and then not a few months.I notice that at a given moment I set conditions. I want to have so much money. My health must be so and so.

It’s like entrepreneurship/revalidation/(top) sports/relations… If you really want something, then it almost no longer makes out… it must and will happen.

That point I don’t have so it is currently more: The grass is greener there

I admire the commitment that people exhibit by making the decisions to go full

I’m about to.

Yes.When my last employer no longer wanted to pay my salary, I started a shop in Flanders. Unfortunately did not go quite well and then I went to Tuscany to return after about five years. I wonder where the economy is now the best. Everywhere there are advantages and disadvantages in this area.

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