Were you a clever kid? How did you know that?

I was actually a clever kid, but I didn’t know.I realized this when I was about 17 or 18, thanks to my parents.

I always felt that I was different from the others.I approached certain things differently, thought in other ways, watched people and studied without really knowing why.

My mum told me that I could read, write and calculate in kindergarten.She wanted me to skip at least one class so as not to be underwhelmed. Unfortunately, the then principal of this school had a personal problem with my mom and boycotted all attempts to implement the wish. So I was bored in the first two years and when it really started I was overwhelmed. awesome. I still had good grades and have been recommended to a high school.

At the gymnasium, the fun really started.Suddenly, the teachers wanted us to memorize poems, give lectures, learn side by side and and and. Since I was only busy with learning in my spare time and breaks at school, I only found a halfway connection to my classmates in the 6th grade. However, we never got along properly. It was too stupid for me to be pushed into a clique and was therefore a loner. I had my best friend in parallel class. She was like me. I didn’t want to have anything to do with the superficial clich茅s and they didn’t mean anything to me. So I was branded an emo and an oranexic loner. I was actually very thin but I couldn’t do anything about it. Those who eat a healthy diet and do a lot of sports (ballet) hardly increase. Since no one wanted to have anything to do with me, no one knew. Judgment scans quickly if you don’t know the reasons. So I read all the stupid comments about me for years.

When the high school started, I was finally overwhelmed.My grades continued to sag and I decided to repeat the 11th grade. I came to another vintage, immediately found connection to the others and my grades got better. Through dancing I slowly developed self-confidence and felt stronger than in previous years. I graduated from high school, moved to the big city and left all the bad things (but unfortunately also my family and thus the only good).

Today I am doing an education and could hardly be happier!I am a student and a class speaker. I don’t have many but very good friends who appreciate me and my character. They like the qualities that others condemned at the time.

Even if the path as a “clever kid” was not easy, I am glad to have gone.Without my family by my side, who have supported me in everything, I probably wouldn’t be the way I am today and not where I am with this life that I lead and love.

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