Was it always normal that you went on holiday, since you were a child? If not, what has changed and when has it changed?

Earlier when I was still living with my parents it was normal that we went on holiday every year 1, 2 or 3 times.Mostly family visits abroad, Germany or Hungary. In addition, we also really went on holiday in Hungary. We have done that for a long time, until I could make the choice to stay at home. I never liked it so much to go on holiday, away from everything that is familiar. Most vacations were also just trips to Lake Balaton, just beach and ice creams. Yummy, but really not my thing. Also now, all-in vacations, trips to the beach or whatever, totally not my thing.

I find vacations often also a lot of stress, the trip, stuff packing and unpacking.I don’t always like it, especially if there is not a clear plan or there are just nice things to do. So I think, it should give me some, something new or beautiful or special see and eat. I’m not really an adventurer but always like to be on the move. Day trips to a museum or city trips, I do like.

As my parents did vacations is not something I was happy about as a child and the choice not to do that at any given time was a relief for me.Nowadays I like to go somewhere again, but to make something special about it too. We are now a couple of times every year, no weeks on a piece, but 1 or 2 weeks away.

To say that it is normal that “we always have to leave”, that is not the case.Especially since climate change is good to find things closer to home and find forms of transport with less impact. Also the value of the holiday is limited. Of all the trips I have made in my childhood, I am almost nothing…

It is still not normal for me to go holiday.

On the one hand there is a vision of life: I try to find a moment of relaxation every day like on holiday.If I enjoy holiday so much, I want to experience it every day.

On the other hand, there is a harsh reality:

As a child up to my 18th I have been at most 4x on holiday.This was thanks to months of night services/overtime/newspaper districts of my father. I am still grateful to him for this.

Work/living/cohabitation/health with as a consequence lack of opportunity to go on vacation has been another factor.

I was/am not used to it.So I never made room for it. Now my health allows few busy environments. So airfields, tourist spots, unfamiliar places were/are a challenge for me and that makes it more difficult for my travel companions and I personally find that annoying.

Mind you, I find my relaxation elsewhere and more in daily life as mentioned earlier: with friends dining/hanging out.Visit movies/exhibits. Within the Netherlands by nature walking/visiting cities etcetera.

Goal for 2020: take a Vacation


That is something I now find great that I grew up so far afterwards.And have experienced that.

Always every holiday on holiday.I saw 鈧?虄heel Europe. But above all, France was top of the list of where my father was going to go. And Spain as well.

But in NL this is so much more common often and long to go on holiday.Anywhere in the world.

Something here in America is a luxury, even for the middle class.And often no longer than a few days, up to 10 days. If you are employed, the holiday days are abominable.

When I grew up almost my whole class went for 2 weeks of skiing, or sometimes even 3 weeks.My girlfriend did that, and they had three children.

Here it is a luxury if you only go a few days.Or even for a day. A very weird sensation to me. And I can’t get used to it yet.

After I left the house when I was 20, I travelled around the world, and I also loved it.I got a relationship that allowed me to fly when and how long I wanted. To countries I have not seen yet. That was great too.

Now everything is different, I have little money, and a daughter to take care of.So also two more tickets, while money is already a problem. The first is to look up my parents, family, friends. Luckily my daughter likes that too. And is Plas Wijk park around the corner. So that it is still holiday for her. But I miss traveling without purpose like family seeing. I miss the freedom, and the discovery, seeing and experience of other countries and other cultures and other food. And I’m sorry my daughter can’t experience that, as I experienced it as a child.

Holiday has always been a part of my life.Now still. Every year I go somewhere, once we have the resources.

There have been years that it was possible to go on holiday.

From the time it was financially possible to buy a car.

When one of my parents got sick it was over for years.

As a child, your holidays are much more intense than adults.

That is why I am thankful that I have been allowed to experience.

As a child we went with our parents a day trip to the sea or the Ardennes, or to the zoo, but we also went to stay for a week or so with the grandma or an aunt.Later We went camping by the sea, in a tent. The first time abroad was when I was 12, by car to Switzerland. My sister and I were dropped there at friends, for a month, and then we were picked up again. Fun. In the end, my parents bought an English caravan by the Sea, (no caravans) and so we could go unlimited. When I was old enough to have a holiday job, I went to work for 1 month, and with that money I paid my travels, in the beginning with Autostop, and later by train and airplane. I cannot imagine never going anywhere, no other atmosphere to sniff, no other eating habits and languages… Travel opens our minds, is enriching and instructive. So soon as we get home, plans are made for the next holiday:)

‘, ‘ Yes, luckily though.My parents went on holiday every year in the second half of the years ‘ 50. Then they had no children yet. The first ten years of travel have not been so easy. They went on the motorbike with a tent to the Veluwe or Terschelling. Or they were brought by my grandfather by car or taken. When my brother was born, my father bought a car. An old thing, Mar Ah, who drove there then in a new one. Once I was there we went all the way to Luxembourg! Lol. That was then, second half of years ‘ 60 also quite a whole trip. And a year later even to Bavaria in southern Germany. My father died when I was 6 years old in 1970, which was the only year we weren’t on holiday. In 1971 and 72 we went to Italy by plane. But my mother lived from a widows and orphans law allowance with a small retirement from my father. Money was not really there and from then on we went into the spring and autumn Holidays (both a week) to a Sporthuis Centre park (now called that Centerparcs). Then at that time of the year still not as expensive as now. Twice a year. By train and bus. But it was great! Later, when my brother went to work and I had holiday work and newspaper district with a touring car bus to Slovenia, or Spain. We all put money together so we could get on holiday (Me, my sister, my older brother and my mother) with his 5ies. I am when I was grown up every year at least 1 times a year on holiday of at least 2 weeks. So from my birth I don’t know better than we went every year. Sometimes on a budget, but we went.

“,” No.I myself have only been in a plane for the first time on my sixteenth. We flew to New York, from there to Canada, Gander and thence to the Netherlands. In a Rammel cabinet Super Constellation. My son has already flown to the Netherlands on his second, direct flight and not in a rattles closet.

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