‘ Vote for a woman ‘ what do you think of such gender equality campaigns? Is it really beneficial for women and their role in society?

I have been voting for 30 years on the first woman I encounter on the electoral list, under my favorite club.But the idea should not be that women have to clean up the mess that the man has made of it. The idea is more that we need a balanced male-female distribution. A despair attempt, perhaps. For so, I should vote for a black woman. A black Muslim woman. A black disabled Muslim woman. A black disabled environmentally conscious Muslim woman. A black….

I would have no problem voting on a woman.But this kind of idiotic campaign doesn’t encourage me to do that. I do not vote on someone based on his or her sex, but on the basis of his or her political position. Voting on women “because they are women” really brings this country to a low point. Especially since you would get a lot of crap over you the other way around.

This actually reminds me of when that posturing with the TOP 2000, when more women had to be in it per se.With all due respect, but let’s just vote on who or what is best in our opinion, and not on who is or is not a woman.

There is a social law, which the sociologists prefer not to make much fuss about: the more women in a particular profession are represented the stronger its appearance decreases.With an additional favourable economic impact that the salaries of that budget group fall. We see this in education, medical care and in the meantime also in politics.

I have been doing my life for a long time.And it works. Not only for women but the whole society gets better from it.

There is nothing wrong with voting on a woman.However, this call is an insult to the political parties. In fact, you are insinuating that they have not placed the right person in your right place. This call allows the NL. Elected candidates with preferred votes who deliberately wanted to be low on the list, e.g. Because they pursue a career or because the members of the party felt that there were better candidates.

Moreover, I believe that the call to vote on a woman is discriminatory.A lot of fuss would be made if there is a call to vote for a man. And I see the headlines before me when the next elections are called upon to vote for a Dutchman.

An acquaintance of mine, who had undergone a sex change again a time ago, also reacted laconic jokes to this call.He used to be less likely to be elected because he was still a woman, now his chances were reduced because he had become a man.

After all, let’s finally get an adult react and place people in positions just because they are good.

The whole discussion man’s wife shouldn’t be there.

There should be purely a need for competences!!!!

Sex does not matter.

I vote for an individual, not a sex.

In I would hope that this is the norm if we want to have the most competent people on the right positions.

The concept of the individual is one of the central concepts of European thought and I see no reason to move away from it or play games with people who do not understand or want to nullify the value of this concept.

We have worked long enough to bring us to this point as a civilization.

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