To which God can I turn to get what I want? Which God or religion gives the fastest result?

I have good experiences with the flying Spaghetti Monster.

I just always point to the Cosmos aka the Universe.If there are gods they will live there somewhere, so I am also right to speak. I do this through meditation. In My head I open a port where I send my message through. Does it work? For me though.

The universe responds badly to enforcement attempts.You then try a situation the shapes to your will and that is not a natural flow. For my feelings, it (and who is not now?) would like to see an effort delivered. Sitting and begging we can all. You can, of course, indicate what is playing and what you are willing to do. It doesn’t have to be directly related to having any kind of life improvement for the ‘ cosmos ‘ already a reason to reward you.

To give an example.Years ago I had an engagement ring, which eventually became a wedding ring for lack of money;)-but well, this ring I wanted to finish after my divorce but this did not succeed. Tried everything from soap to my finger bind off. Really with no possibility I got that ring off.

During that time I was much concerned with improving myself and being nicer to people.This is how I came to write maps through Amnesty people. I had already done that for one moment, but then there was a gentleman who was already 80 years old and was unjustly stuck in Japan for years. At first I thought. That gentleman I want to let you know that someone thinks of him.
But what do you say to such a person.I had no idea. I just really didn’t know where. I left it here for what it was, but in my head I saw an opa’tje in a cell every time. A week later I thought, I have to do something with it. I know some Japanese songs and there was one poetic in between. In his language I sent him a piece of text, it was about that we live under the same air and that I might be far away but that way still close. Light in the darkness is what I wanted him to show. I found it really super difficult especially because I myself had something like ‘ nice easy talking-I’m a pretty somebody ‘, I ended up sent it anyway, because this was not about me but a gentleman unjustly in a cell. Then it felt like a weight fell from my shoulders.

I had a colleague on my work, writing that text.In the afternoon I sat back to the ring while I read an email and he shot off my finger at once. WOW, my colleague and I were both. “See you,” she said, “You are rewarded for good deeds.”

Who does not venture who does not win:)

Well, unfortunately I can only refer to my experiences with Mr. Zebaoth the first and the last and son sweet.I have to say that, although the results were not always in my agenda, they did not necessarily have woodcuts. I express my speech somewhat sardonically, but it is founded on essential experiences.

Unfortunately, this divine parent is difficult for me to tighten my trolley for my often infantile and short-sighted aspirations.As someone once said, I have lived long enough to thank God for not hearing all my prayers.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that in the long run, this own wise guest usually has the same side and the doubts do not provide enough space for fundamentally grounded agitation.But that is my experience, you think but yours.

When my contemplations had a more unselfish character, I noticed a considerably higher chance of success in my requests, which was well above the correction factor of coincidences.Unfortunately it is a relational-dynamic happening, not a vending machine with some buttons where you have money, love or good deeds to get the desired results.

Very annoying that an omnipotent creature makes no sense to be a grocery store.Speaking of that, I have reproached Lord Zeboath in addition to sadistic unwillingness, also called spiritual impotence, or get nothing ready in service to me. I express it some laconic, but it was bitter seriousness to me. In my opinion, God did not get him up and let me sit in the proverbial crap. Very annoying, given substantial supernaturale manifestations from my past.

Coming back to the question I would have also sometimes heard the sweet holder: You don’t get what you want, but what you need.Well, my parents always said. Not with so many words, but you do understand me. I think it is a thing to do, but contextually, it cuts reasonable wood at times. It is always up to me.

To conclude: The good news is also the bad news.Prayers have an effect but can also make your life a lot of hope because you can call upon God’s interference with your will and woe. It is admittedly possible that the income course exceed the costs, according to the divine clauses. But you can be sure that your personal diary is going through the shredder and you will receive an environmentally friendly alternative to recycled paper. At your own risk.

Honor Ye begin!Ask me about a year or twenty again then I will update you on the new state of affairs. The problem I often find is not that God does not exist, but that he does exist. That is not a joke but a substantial finding, although I am the exception.

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I do not understand how you can ask a God if you do not believe that God exists.

Hahaha Nice question!

You will have to test some gods, and see who responds first.

Of course, you should also take a look, which God will understand you most in what you want to accomplish.

Many gods have their strengths and weaknesses so keep an eye on that too.:)

It works for everyone else, you will need to find your own answers.

I can tell you that giving away your own power doesn’t work very well.People are being depressed from or hitting over to the other side.

So my advice would be:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Work hard
  • Have patience
  • Be open to life
  • Everything is possible
  • Be honest with yourself and others (otherwise you can get the wrong help:))
  • Have confidence in you can

Concerning material matters.There are plenty of experts who can show you the way to your goal. I really don’t think Gods are so interested whether you are driving a Mercedes or not. :)))

Good luck!!!!

Religion is not magic.With which I mean the following:

If you have a friend, and you are in the pinch, then you will of course help as he can.But you won’t be friends with anyone as a main motive: “I need someone in case I care for help.” That would not be a real friendship, and it would not take long. A friend is also (normally) not someone about which you can acquire power-in that sense religion is not magic (magic is about power, religion is about friendship).

For me, God is like a friend.If I’m in the mash, I’ll ask for some help. And usually he gives heed to that, but not always as I wish. But God is not my kneece, but a friend.

Try atheism and physics.Fascinating how absent the need for a super creature is needed, even unlikely.

If you are not faithful, why should you need something from (a) God?Then you keep yourself mad. You can turn to reality for the best and quickest result. Which usually gives immediate reply, but unfortunately not always the answer you would like.

PS: Reality is not the same as truth.Reality is “What is there”, truth is “what we think of it”.

I don’t know if I believe but I do know that this is not the way. You can’t ask anything from a superterrestrial something and then expect you to get it.I can also say that; I want to be 3 years older tomorrow when I wake up. That does not happen either.

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