To what extent do you think that Europe and/or the Netherlands should be open to asylum seekers? Do you think that the Netherlands is doing too much or too little for asylum seekers?

I have long been doubtful whether I want to answer these questions at all, but do it now.Warning it is a very long and comprehensive answer which will not last anyone.

My view on these kinds of questions is frankly perhaps rather unusual and will probably be very controversial for some people.I suspect that the things I arrive at in this answer for some will also be very unexpected.

I find the question of what extent and much or little, frankly not so interesting and relevant, but more the question why and how?

Much or little implies that people are just numbers and numbers, and I honestly think they are rather odd, as if we are talking about cattle and not about people.

On the other hand, I understand that in many newspaper articles when you describe an accident you often also mention the numbers. It has something practical and perhaps something tangible for people who have little grip and understanding of the situation in the world.

In the latter case, it may be important to dwell on the fact that today’s numbers are not as high as is often thought.Compared with modern migration followed of decolonization and guest workers, the numbers are relatively small. Even the migratory flows of the last decades, are relatively low in numbers, compared to the nineties after the fall of the wall. For skeptics I say, look for yourself in CBS StatLine.

Even though there is so much misery in the world, with, for example, a civil war in Syria and various other conflicts and ethnic cleansing, it is already not so bad in the world.

And should the Netherlands and Europe do something?Yes, I think so and I am not just saying this from humane reasons, and that is not only from the interest of those poor pathetic calculating asylum seekers who are coming here, but also in our own interests. OK I think some readers will now think so, that’s a weird answer. 😉

I honestly do not think that asylum seekers are very calculing to come here to enjoy our prosperity.I prefer economic migrants with little or no capacity. Asylum seekers are generally more highly educated, are more skilled and have more earning potential than other forms of migration. Not that I have anything against other forms of migration. Migration for the sake of marriage and family reunification is fine, nothing wrong with more diverse genetic material. Quite sensible answer from the Catholic Church with “go and multiply You”. 😉

But asylum seekers also have their own problems.Many do not know the language and culture, and that requires adaptability. In addition, all sorts of health problems can play a role. From malnutrition you get sick and there are many infectious diseases in the strange. Also, things they have experienced in the war are pushing their mark and there are there that Post traumatic Stress disorder have with various consequences. So my question would not be how much you are going to absorb, but how to catch them when they come here. Many do not even get the finishing line.

That someone is calculating is not so bad, because it is a good survival strategy. Humanity would not exist without it.As far as the Netherlands, we did quite well.

(Map of regions with Dutch colonies)

And we are still doing well because there is still quite a bit of emigration abroad.

In 2017 There were still 154,000 people from the Netherlands left. Even during the economic crisis years, we had a negative migration balance. Quite simply put, more people then went away than they were.

That calculated also applies to my own family.There are those who migrated to Canada, United States, Germany and France. There is even a distant relative who has tried it in Romania, but that has not gone so well, nor is Romania doing so well compared to the other countries mentioned. So if you are already migrating, then be sure, the chance of success and prosperity is greater than once. So I understand well that asylum seekers are aiming for a European country. Also in terms of diversity, my family does not do badly, a cousin from a Protestant branch of the family is married with a Brazilian.

The reason that this calculated strategy is so good is because it is a risk mitigation strategy. If somewhere a meteorite strikes, hunger breaks out, or war breaks out, I just mention something weird and all your family sits there and doesn’t survive, just say bye bye to your own bloodline.So that calculated I don’t think so strange. Is only sensible from that perspective.

And it sounds weird but we Dutch and Europeans themselves are also a product of migration and expansion.

(Map of Indo-European languages)

Old-European peoples who have built the Hune beds in Drenthe, among others, are not seen as Indo-European.

Very briefly we have taken over the things. Landjepik and preserving your own culture succeed only if you are smart and calculing and economically strong.

Although preserving their own culture.Culture has quite a tendency to change with time. I don’t know how it is with you? But my family has been using ear irons for generations.

Migrants too have a tendency to change along and quickly too.

Our birth rate is now below the replacement level, but even the birth rates of people with host workers have seen the birth rates come down and faster than we ‘ natives ‘ have done about it. I mean to say customize is going to be pretty fast.

Our best example of how economic power can contribute to dissemination is to be seen during the Golden Age (see first map).

The Netherlands is not unique in this, England and France has also done well.And for that, Spain and Portugal, but in Spain, something went wrong economically. Spain has lost its hegemony status. The Spanish economy has been in the slop for a long time.

For example, look at the following table.

Pay attention to the underlined cities and the year.

There are many different reasons for the fact that Spain went bad, but one of the reasons which, in my opinion, contributed to the decline of the Spanish Empire, is the Spanish Inquisition (1478) and the Alhambra decree (1492).

People still sometimes forget that there have been Spaniards who have sought asylum in the Netherlands.

Like this gentleman here (second generation migrant).

Spinoza has contributed early to the Enlightenment.

New scientific insights How to colliend with your own culture are invaluable in letting your own culture survive, change and let your own economy flourish. Perhaps not so sensible to build a fortress Europe.

Narrow-minded this is the light.

In today’s busy and crowded world, every country has an obligation to absorb some asylum seekers.

I think that the Netherlands, like many other countries, is letting people down in the system for too long.People come here and really need to hear as soon as possible if they can stay temporarily or not.

I do not know the situation in the Netherlands, but I think that Europe, or certainly some countries, have sometimes been too open for asylum seekers.It is of course good that we can have a part, but that is also a relative view. Sometimes I feel that Europe has done enough.

It is, of course, very neat to call very enthusiastically that we should allow more asylum seekers.But it will be another story when those asylum seekers come to live in a temporary camp, because that is not the intention of course. This is, in a nutshell, what the problem is.

I myself would have no problem with it, but I have easy talk, with me there is no place for a camp.

Does the Netherlands do too much?Well, given the apparently necessary child pardon, you could wonder if the Netherlands is tackling it well enough. Only after years of certainty about your status seems to me not to be a pretje. So that can and should be different, hopefully, better.

Does the Netherlands do too little?Maybe so. But we have not, like any other country that I will not mention, billions of Europe to get involved. Because opvsng costs money, whether it is certified child care or an AZC. The stay in such a AZC does not seem like a little too. This should not take too long, which is still happening now.

Does Europe have too much or too little?The countries closest to Africa (the continent) are flooded with refugees. So that something goes wrong along the way is clear. Fortunately nobody has yet come to the idea of building a wall. But what is the best solution, there is too much talk about it and little about it decided. This is mainly because all the countries of Europe still do not form a real union, if ever. What I wrote about tent camps around the corner, plays big in the whole of Europe as well. However, you can agree who up to when how many asylum seekers are taking up, but they have to go to that country first. At cost of who? With which transport? Within what timeframe? And should DSN be clear if they are allowed to stay? These questions and many other questions have not yet been answered, we do not agree. Maa Rdie refugees keep coming…

It’s not about too much or too little.It is primarily about the question of why people from a country 2000 kilometers away here suddenly stand here on the pavement. If I have to flee the Netherlands I go to Belgium, England or Germany and not to Japan.

People come here because they know that the amenities and benefits here are very good.It is calculating behavior. If you want to be safe then there are possibilities in the region. That calculating stands against me.

I do think that we have to pay for the costs of reception in the region.

You have to catch people in a country with a similar prosperity level.If you don’t, they will do everything they can to keep up. It’s like having people who normally drive in an old beetle for three months gives a BMW if the beetle needs to be refurbished. That man prefers to drive in that BMW for as long as possible. Preferably always.

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