The French speak in the news about the Dutch art of ‘ Niksen ‘. Is It really something that is part of Dutch culture? Are you practicing ‘ nifts ‘?

Think not.

As someone with a migrant background I find that in the Netherlands, compared to many other countries, we are working hard, after which there is a need (and right) to “recharge the batteries”, a condition for not turning through, overworking.
Yes, in other cultures a.o. Japan is worked much longer per day, but this does not always lead to a higher productivity, so this is incorrect, more so since it can lead to large disasters as “death by Work” Kuroshi.

Top-10 Most productive countries: are they the wealthiest, the most efficient and the happiest?

Compare Korea, Japan, the USA with the Netherlands.

With less hours of work more productive!

People who linger in the office after working hours (often because of the prevailing work culture in Japan) are often not efficient, less productive, smart workers do their work during normal office time, exceptions.

I think the term just sounds good and easy in different languages: Niksen.I am particularly pleased that the Netherlands is in a positive way in the news.

Many students around the world will be nifts, students also do and at work it will also be done.. where not actually.Now there is a word attached to the rest of the world at last.

Niksen, is delicious I try to do it at least an hour or two per day.I noticed a week or 3 ago that Quora had taken over my nifts time slot… so I’ve caught up with this last time:P.

Alas, you never do anything.Your thoughts always go on.

I’m glad I’m trendy!I always feel guilty when I have a sense in my vacation to really do nothing and hang some in my seat. We must always be busy, to look at something, to see something, to visit something. That’s all not spent on me. In my holiday is my greatest need: tranquility. Not that I can do it right, I’m always busy. But that’s rather out of debt awareness, and from a pyschological pressure. It turns out to be very tricky to nifts without getting bored. Boredom is a difficult mind-bending process that feels unpleasant and will make you do everything to suppress that boredom. And then you are working again. Niksen is a goal.

鈧?虄Niksen is not pure and only Dutch. 鈧?虄Dolce Far Niente , 鈧?虄faulenzen , it really comes in more cultures. Even French do not do anything;)

Can the Dutch have good nifts?I think so. Many families use the weekend to stay in bed for longer. But doing nothing for a whole day is not customary.

Yes, on the campsite in France especially.No heave to do.

I do not think that this is really linked to the Dutch culture, but rather to the digital world in which we move forward.Due to the advent of the rapid developments in digital field, the hype arose from the “NIKSEN” we know and are all longing for the moment of rest and relaxation. Netflix is sometimes named as Flixen, derived from the term flexen. The youth term, “I feel flex” that you have ever heard around you, represents the word relax.

We live in a generation of a lot of information that comes to our minds and our brains are continuously active in order to store and properly process this information.In addition, you see an increasing form of overload “burnout” originated in society, so the principle of a pressure cooker is inevitable in this generation. A man is not made to tax himself but to be able to enjoy the balance between business and private life. More than 8 hours of work with high deadlines and also a family can maintain in addition, you can compare with a clock that ticks in the thousandth millisecond and which you also can not observe. The moment both hands arrive at 12 o’clock that is the moment, that the body indicates to be of all the overload that we have created ourselves and in some cases this is too much overload.

Many people at international level live their lives through digital roads and social media sources nowadays and also have business and private maintenance.So the art of “Niksen” is actually the art of putting the load we all have to deal with and not just in the Netherlands and creating a moment of inner peace and being able to go back to basic. Do I practise it myself? Yeah, in some way though. Do not try to go completely aimlessly through life, because finding a goal or goals have important but taking my rest at his time is even more important for a longer quality of life and sometimes you just have to be comfortable.

The Netherlands has quite a lot of free days compared to many other countries.We can afford to take a day off to Niksen.

Art in general?Or a specific art? What period? Why Dutch instead of another country? Or do you mean that “Niksen” would be an art in the Netherlands? I am French since my birth… Long ago. Whether it’s one or the other interpretation, I’ve never read and heard anything like that. It is true that I have never had TV, which in all countries protects against an enormous amount of idiosy, advertising, brainwashing, etc.

It is possible that nothing also has a different meaning than the one I know and understand: Nothing-2 definitions-Encyclo.I replied as if this meaning exists alone.

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