The coal farmer has already disappeared from the street image for a while, but what are the professions of now that are likely to disappear?

That’s a tricky one because coal farmers have not disappeared.They have only been modernized. You can now order your coal from Online coal farmer and also you can often buy coal FOR the BBQ at the petrol pump and normal shops.Coal is still popular in e.g. blacksmiths but also in the fireplace in some people.

The same applies to many other professions.New techniques can change many professions by modernising them. Nowadays, car mechanics are barely working in factories because the manufacturing process of cars is almost entirely automated. And dairy farmers still exist in small numbers! (See Modern Milkman brings dairy to the city from ‘ backyard of Amsterdam ‘)

But dairy farmers have usually changed their approach because it has become extremely difficult for people to go along with their trade nowadays.After all, you have to go through the entire city with a large cargo, dwell everywhere to give off stuff and receive payments and so you get streets full of deliverers who have to travel huge distances because the customers are far apart. For this reason, this work has been taken over by professional deliverers who help various suppliers to deliver things in a small area. The dairy farmer can then just start an online store…

Professions are actually changing.They do not disappear. Or virtually not. In The textile industry, you used to have spinners and klossers. Spinners made wire from wool and klossers rotate multiple wires around each other to put this on a loose for later use. But this work is fully automated although there are still some people who do this hobby moderately.

Miller’s profession has also been greatly modernised.There used to be mills for all sorts of purposes. Grut Mills, Mill mills, sawmills, flour mills, white mills, oil mills, paper mills, Runmills, Snuff Mills, Trapmills, Paint mills, full mills and many other mills were used in the past but now exist in a different form as large machines That run at fixed speed thanks to electricity. (Or possibly fuel.)

The Miller actually still exists but his work actually consists of not much more than the on/off knob serving with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.On his tablet, of course, because the paper newspaper is also almost entirely past tense…

Postbodes will probably no longer come along.All mail electronically, only parcels, which you will have to pick up. Well, I still experienced the milkman in the street, who sold loose milk, and I could even sit on the horse.

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