Sometimes you see in the American News ‘ ‘ white privilege ‘, which is called wit priviledge. But what privilege do they actually mean? And do you think you could see this in the Netherlands?

The privilege of not being discriminated against on the basis of skin color.

The privilege of not being pursued in a shop

The privilege of being rejected on a function based on your competences, instead of your surname

None of these things should be privileges, it should be perfectly normal, but t it is not

With white privilege[1 or white privilege[2 , it is meant to be the priviledge, which whites or whitener would have to live a better life than other people who do not have that privilege.

In my opinion, the Netherlands is not so much about the white privilege of Caucasian people, but rather about the privilege of the indigenous people.They are here rather than all those migrants. This is not so strange on sight, they now have a better network and know the situation much better than the newcomers. And of course there is also the so-called 鈧?艙ons Kent Ons 鈧?principle.

The Netherlands is not a colonial country like the United States, where there has been segregation and inequality in the distribution of income between different races and ethnicities. [3black people were asked to be brought as slaves and the original population was humiliated, suppressed, and marginalised.The differences could still be seen, so whites would not have been disadvantaged by the police. [4

To be honest and neutral and not to put white people too much into the corner, there are also other privileges in the world, which I would also like to discuss in this answer.

In the Gulf states, the original Arab population has certain privileges that foreigners, even white foreigners, would never get.These foreigners could never be naturalised, and if they still want to become naturalised, they must accept the faith of the local people. Furthermore, the indigenous Malaysian population in a country like Malaysia also have privileges,[5[6 that other population groups do not have, such as the Chinese and Indians.

Nevertheless, the Chinese and Indians can thrive in spite of the Malaysians ‘ privileges.In fact, of the ten richest Malaysians there are eight of them of Chinese descent and one of Indian descent. [7

So I would say as a migrant that as a newcomer you just have to work harder.Hard work is ultimately rewarded.

I hope I will answer this question.Thank you for asking me this question Hannah Villarba (Hannah Villarba).


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To understand this, you actually have to delve a bit into American history.As you undoubtedly know, the US (and Canada) are actually alone because the Europeans (mainly British, and French, but also Dutchmen, and Germans, for example, have robbed that country from the original inhabitants. Like Australia and New Zealand incidentally.

You can find out what you want, but it is unquestionably true that 鈧?虄the Blanken that were pulled there at the time, have had to endure tremendous hardships to survive.Apart from the terrible weather conditions in the winter, they had to deal with mutual violence and violence with original inhabitants.

Many Americans see this as the basis for the law that the land of them, the whites is. They have conquered it 鈧?艙eerlijk 鈧?They have 鈧?虄the possibilities that the land Bood used to eventually become successful and make the US the most powerful country in the world. From 鈧?艙nothing to anything 鈧?

Slavery, therefore, was no problem in the US for a long time, just as in Europe.And the Europeans (yes, also the Netherlands) have earned a lot of money from shipping slaves to the US, from Africa and the Caribbean.

In the eyes of the 鈧?艙Amerikaan 鈧?of then, so the average Irishman, Scotsman, Englishman, Frenchman, Dutchman, German, Italian, Portuguese and what was going on even more, was every man, every woman who was not American, who had not helped to build the New land, which had not endured those hardships, was inferior.Natives-Indians-were red dogs-although they certainly needed them for their fur trade in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Africans-Negroes-were later purchased Enmasse to work on the fields.After all, there was a long time not enough family to do all the work needed to get all the production done for trade with Europe. And there were lots of slaves bought. Lots of slaves.

But not whites have always had a disadvantaged position in the US.They have been seen as inferior for centuries. And-I fear-that this has been deeply ingrained in the culture of the US by American history.

Because of this, you still have large organizations in the US that-without any gein-prepare the rights of whites.There is a huge amount of racism in the US, on a scale and depth that we do not know at all here in the Netherlands. We ask ourselves why people abroad even worry about our black Piet discussion, but if you know the situation, you can understand.

White Privelege has everything to do with the fact that all others in the US are still seen as less.That the last 300 years have not been 鈧?虄blacks that have accumulated power and so there are no wealthy black families. Old Money = white money. When your name is McNeal, you may have more on a job than if your name is Jackson, Cho, Alhamet or Perrera. Because your name is white. White is good.

This is similar to the situation in the Netherlands, but there is a 漏 脙 漏 n big difference. The people who feel discriminated against in the Netherlands due to the fact that they are 鈧?虄not wit often have roots that lie outside the Netherlands.They are descendants of people from countries where we were the slavers. And at some point someone from that pedigree has come here on his own initiative. Whether it concerns refugees and descendants of refugees who may have had little choice but still have made the choice to come here.

The Afro-Americans and Native-Americans never made that choice.They have been brought there against their will, or they lived there already and their country has been picked up. And that is a very different situation. But they are just as responsible for building up the land as the 鈧?艙white Man 鈧? They were also there from the beginning. And have worked just as hard, possibly harder. And they are still being put behind.

Some think that this way of thinking goes up to the highest level in American politics.

The Whites know according to users of the term 鈧?艙white privilege privileges in a country where they or the majority form (Europe, Oceania, North America), or have a history of colonial domination (Africa and Asia).For example, it would be easier for whites to get a good job compared to people of another ethnicity. Often, however, there is also a need for better training for whites, the idea that whites are less suspected of a crime, or that whites simply earn more money.

Does this occur in the Netherlands?Probably, though, this is not as clear as in for example North America. You can hear the news that the name of a person on a RESUME is often looked at, with often the fact that Dutch minorities are not accepted, even though they have the right skills. This can be seen as white privilege.

I myself am also blank, and it could be that I also ended up in a situation where the idea of white privilege played a role, but I have not yet experienced this so far.

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