Should there be a penalty for bullying?

Yes.Too many parents (and schools) do not enter or do not sufficiently.

As a parent, T is easy to slide into school.But if it costs them money, and. Good money, they are going to make sure it doesn’t stop.

Maybe so.Somehow the bully should get the idea that what he is doing is wrong and common and it cannot be tolerated.

Remember the neighbor who gave me on my head because I liked my little sister Peste and I like it, just as the eldest of four.Was as normal at home. It was a shock for me to realize that it is not fun and OK. It brought me to insight.

You better let your child punish the bullying themselves by biting away from them.Oh No, that shouldn’t be the juf. But a blue eye really does help against bullying, but it does.

Incidentally, it often does not help when you say ‘ save him/her only once ‘. That is what the JUF will do because it is not allowed to say it. But with a little martial arts, your child is ready for it within half a year.And miraculously, there is no one who takes it in his head to bully it yet; No blow is distributed.

And if you choose the latter; Don’t let your child say anything about it at school.

At school?

A fine is not lost, but bullies usually have their own problems, and attention must be paid to them.

If they continue to exhibit this kind of behaviour in their adulthood, they have no discussion with a dean, but with an employer or the police.

That is symptom-fighting and ineffective.I think they should tackle the bullies differently, often their pest behavior is something that comes from other nasty situations. For example, the home situation that is not good, the child is also bullied. Thus there are numerous causes why someone plague. Take the source away (as far as possible) and fix the actual problem. Not only the victim needs help, but the bully itself nine out of ten times too and it is very often gone by!

I find for sure!Just a fine, good idea!

A fine is often some answer that the government has on behavior that they do not like.Wonder if a fine works. Firstly, how do you define bullying in the Penal Code? I do know what it is but legally that becomes tricky. Moreover, the seriousness and magnitude and intent are important. I think it is much better to correct obvious bullies in a different way: psychological research, compulsory therapy and punishments that are inevitable. For wealthy bullies, a fine is not an issue, but BV requires 100 hoes. Or obliged to clean the whole village, preferably with a lever to which the back shows the offence. Or something Personally, my experience was that you could better extract 1 times very hard, but not everyone can or will. Incidentally 1 out of 3 times I really had to do a brawl in my whole life. I do not think that the problem of the plague is to be solved, but that more needs to be done.

There must be a penalty to ignore or wipe under the tablecloth of bullying.

And an incentive prize for actively executed and successful policies.

There must be a fine for educational establishments that facilitate bullying-or do not adequately counter them.And children who are bullying must go to HALT, or a similar institution where they are confronted with the behavior they exhibit, and their consequences.

In adults, there must be no penalty but an obligation to make pecuniary money, so that it is immediately clear that a crime is being committed where a victim falls.

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