Should the AFD become even more conservative?

Question “Should the AFD become even more conservative?”

Ⅰ.Characterization of the AfD as a right-wing party

Ⅱ.Where they are right, they are right

Iii.The characterisation of the AfD as a conservative party

Iv.Answering the question

1.What I want

2.From a right-of-the-right perspective

3.From a tactical point of view


Ⅰ.Characterization of the AfD as a right-wing party

In my opinion, the AfD is a clearly right-wingparty:

  • Both their analytical orientation
  • as well as their valuesframe

focus on collective and flat-rate assignments.It is used on traditional rollers of

  • Sexes
  • Descent
  • traditionally predominant and newly added religions

Referenced.Along with this, a strong friend/enemy scheme seems to accompany any positioning.

  • Nation (in its traditional form)
  • questions of collective shame, respectively.

of Pride

also take great importance.

Claims are usually aimed at government regulations to restore an order that seems to have been lost to them, orthreatens to be lost.

(Cf.perhaps also: answer by Martin Ambrosius Hackl to What is the difference between “conservative” and right?)

Ⅱ.Where they are right, they are right

In fact, the analysis of most AfD’lers is true in some respects: the political discourse of the Federal Republic of Germany has shifted increasingly to the left in the last 20 years.What was taken for granted 20-25 years ago for large majorities of the population is no longer the case today.

Today, to an extent, injustices and alleged mismatches between the sexes, as well as countless other forms of discrimination (religiousaffiliation, descent, disability, sexual orientation, skin color, psychological Special needs, such as ADHD, addictions, etc.) reflects that blanket requirements no longer apply in school, criminal and participation contexts.A differentiation has occurred, which in the eyes of many has largely discredited classical patterns, in the eyes of others criminally negated.

But in the latter regard, AfD’ler may contradict in some respects.From their point of view, public discourse in the media and politics may have moved away from the people on the streets. And I do not agree with that. My observations are different (based on surveys).

Iii.The characterisation of the AfD as a conservative party

However, this also leads to the fact that, in my view, the AfD today cannot speak of a conservative party in the classical sense.What might have corresponded to the state of social discourse 20 years ago – at least to a very large extent – has now degenerated into a marginal position. It is no longer in line with the majority of citizens’ self-image.

It is about a supposed status ante quo.However, the task of a party that wants to return old regulatory structures is not to preserve, but to restore. Your concern is a response to developments that have already taken place.And that’s exactly what she’s lamenting. And that is precisely what the political concept of reactionis for.

Iv.Answering the question

Whether the AfD should stick to its reactionary course, or pivot more to the socialconsensus – which, in my opinion, would be more conservative – certainly depends on various factors.

1. I assume that this issue can hardly be about what Iwant.For I think it would be presumptuous to suggest to a not insignificant segment of our society, of which I obviously do not belong, but simply to meet my preferences.

2.From the right, however, it may seem problematic to take on a spirit of the times that they consider harmful and misguided.So sticking to a reactionary point of view may be too consistent for the moment. A more conservative thrust is out of the way here. (One will in part tend to stylize oneself as a keeper.In my opinion, this is a misjudgment of the present.)

3. From an electoral tactical point of view, it may also make sense for a certain time not to abolish the polarization between itself and the majority of society in a conservative manner.For it is precisely the awareness of the Schutzburg and Wagenburg that may immunize the AfD’s supporters against the moderateright-conservative competition from the Union parties.

In the long run, however, I think it is more likely that the AfD will approach the rest of society and act more pragmatically – which would be tantamount to strengthening actually conservative accents.

The excitement about their existence will probably evaporate – on all sides (at least my hope).Depolarization could also begin to grow together in a society that is obviously seriously damaged on its right wing.

However, if the AfD were to succeed in establishing itself successfully in theextreme right spectrum, this certainly meant – apart from any party-political stability – a socio-politically unsatisfactory to perpetuate the state that blocks her from going to true conservative spheres.

So I wouldn’t just give her the advice of becomingmore conservativein all these ways.


The AfD belongs to Germany, as does Islam. As an outsider, I am less concerned with the question of what I would advise the AfD than what I would suggest to those who are facing it in the current political climate.

One of the reasons why the AfD has experienced such an upswing in recent years is that the rest of the public – led by some members of the media – has reacted almost hysterically to everything that happened in it.Every provocation from around this party was gratefully taken up and additionally scandalized.

What has been ignored by the majority society, on the other hand, is that a remarkably large part of society seems to have been lost to cultural consensus.However, instead of taking a closer look at the causes of this – and, for example, perceiving discrimination against those who felt set back by developments – they have moved to use a strategy of bullying to create quite a few ” to push into a corner with which they now just identify.The non-right majority of society has thus largely mirrored classical-right strategies and achieved exactly the effect that it usually prevents rather successfully compared to other minorities, especially by means of more open behaviour.

In my view, the AfD represents a serious part of our society – conservative or not.I can hardly agree with the substance of the substance of the matter. But as a voice that deserves to be heard, I recognize it.

A comprehensive attempt to classify the AfD in the overall context of federal politics can be found in the

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