Should pupils be required to attend a social internship at school? Why whether or not?

Yes, I am sure.I grew up in Wassenaar where many children and young people never had to stick a finger, never had a side job and rarely or never came into contact with poorer or middle-class people. It would certainly be good for this group if they come into contact with a broader group of the population and learn what works with your hands and that people who do this work are not necessarily lazy (yes, I’ve really encountered people thinking that MBO’ers are just lazy they N and if they had worked a little harder, that they could have studied and thus deserve to be poor). Unfortunately, at the university, you still encounter too many people who think they are so great without having to dwell on how much their environment is helping. And this often become the one who will lead companies and end up in the 1st room. That world strangeness can be problematic if they take decisions about everyone’s life. Now it’s only a few weeks and can’t improve everything, but it does give them some extra life wisdom with it.

A social internship is also a way of getting young people out of their societal bubble and exposing them to other cultures and subcultures.

Do you not think that there is ample compulsory in the Netherlands?

No I am against it.What work do you want to do, chocolate proever, toffee tester? Or if you want to do it seriously, where do you compete with those students? With other low-skilled workers, because all the others are not even allowed to do so, or it is not justified.

Do you know this is really such a test balloon of denominational parties, when you think about it really shows that it is for the stage and symbol politics.And just by making it compulsory, you show that your children don’t take them seriously. And do you know what is really so easy about this? Children do not vote. 😉

If the denominational parties who come up with this bad idea really want to do it seriously, let them go into the coal mines for a day.That’s hard work, with a bit of luck they still have a dust lung. 😉

This is already done at different schools, even if it is not a social internship?Third class active week: week long on a working farm.. From Mavo to Atheneum.. Whole school participated….. 17 years Ago 鈧?娄

. If city children are experiencing what it is like to work on farm was the goal.My parents were farmers before they came to the Netherlands so I looked forward to it since I jumped away from animals on the petting zoo so I was used to a city.

Of course you are adolescent so there is also a lot of whining but it did give me some learning.Respect for the profession and work ethic especially.

Extend it to various types of work where extra attention is needed for a max of one month spread over two school years and you have the social internship.Couple it to a number of school subjects (for example, social science) and you can draw from it in several ways as well.

Incidentally, I feel more for a (social) conscription after your high school.But that is a discussion in itself.

Depends on what is understood under a social internship and who makes it.In Japan The wiping of the back work of sumo wrestlers after toilet use would be considered as a social internship. Something done at the moment by aspiring sumo-wrestlers.

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