Should parents teach their children that God exists?


The point is that faith in God/gods often happens in a group context .And there are countless factions that find that the worship of their God/gods is the only right way in their way.

They all say they are right and but they have a total lack of evidence none of them.

Poison your children with the idea that faith in a God is the only right in your way, I find a form of mistreatment and prolonging problems that our world has had with it for thousands of years.

If you believe in a God, beautiful and fine.But let everyone make that good for themselves, do not bother another, do not call at all that despite some evidence, your belief is the only right and most importantly: let your children discover what they want to believe themselves later.

At the very same time, it is strange that Christians in particular nowadays seem to put their faith together from a Bible where, in addition to the things they see very important, they also still have the ability to deal with your slaves, when you are allowed to stoning your wife and More creamy stuff that doesn’t belong in this time and certainly not in an education that a child must prepare for the modern age.

Should parents teach their children that Sinterklaas exists?Many parents actually do so until the child is old enough to learn the truth. You could also do that with God…

So you can teach a child that many things in this world are explained only by being a God who has made everything.That provides a simple answer to many “why” questions that children will have. But as they age they will learn that many things are much more complex and therefore follow the more scientific substantiation.

Importantly, the deity must be extremely flexible and therefore you cannot maintain a standard belief that imposes strict rules.After all, science has already undertaken many things that are claimed by religions. And a religion must still support facts and not try to contradict them. The idea that the world is only a few thousand years old is ridiculous and in many ways it has already been proven that this assertion is incorrect.

The fact that Adam and Eve were the first people is also contradicted because Kain, after the murder of his brother, departed and found a woman elsewhere and founded his own city with many inhabitants.They had to exist before Adam and Eve got their third child…

Or the fact that Moses freed the Jewish slaves from Egypt and brought to Israel while we know today that the Egyptians had few slaves in that time and the Egyptians did not report anything about it in their history.(Egyptians used the local farmers as workers to build the pyramids, for example. Indeed, these farmers had just won their harvest and sold it largely and now had time to pay for the construction of those projects to earn more.)

And then Noah with his little boat in which a huge number of animals had to be preserved.And then they had to populate the entire planet again from the polar bears on the North Pole to the Penguins at the Antarctic. What should be annoying especially for the fish because many freshwater fish die in salt water and many seawater fish die in fresh water. So what water covered the whole world? And what about all those fish species that cannot survive in deep water? Why do the guppies not immediately spread all over the world?

The website Bibviz Project shows a huge number of contradictions in the Bible and it is just too much to have some faith in this religion.And because these are based on the Jewish religions and Islam also builds upon it, you can argue that the whole belief in the God of Abraham is simply absurd by the many contradictions. The existence of this deity has therefore been decomposed for many years. Pity only that people still encourage their children to believe in it.

But yes, people also teach their children that Sinterklaas exists.So they try to keep their children stupid…

Why?No idea…

No.If God existed, we could provide proof of his existence, and we did not have to believe in it anymore. In my opinion, that is also the essence of believing: thinking and hoping that something or someone exists or “is”, but cannot demonstrate this with empirical or indirect evidence.

Let there first be evidence that God exists.

No because they are indoctrinated in the faith of their parents.And then the fear that if you are naughty, later to hell is going to burn forever in the fire.

This is child abuse and also children who in the radicalised Islam themselves blow up or earlier, children who were sent on crusade.Children who go to separate schools, based on religion and never meet each other. Children who later as adults with great difficulty can detach themselves from their religion because they still feel that pressure.

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