Most experts recommend installing the soffit first. You will want to calculate distance, determine how many siding rows will be needed, and then slice the top of the trim board to ensure everything is even. Once you’ve got a top trim board in place, you can then slice and measure the corner boards.

How long is a piece of soffit?


What trim to use for exterior windows?

Fir. Fir is one of the most widely used of all the exterior trim materials. Fir is affordable, is mostly straight and in most cases, the lumber yard or store where you purchase the fir will allow you to select the pieces you want, culling out most of the twisted or warped pieces.

What is the difference between soffit and fascia?

Typically a soffit is used in the area beneath the eaves on the exterior of a house to close the space beneath the eave. The soffit extends from the side of the structure to the edge of the eave. Fascia is used to create a barrier between the edge of the roof and the outside.

Can you put trim over siding?

Yes, it is okay to install trim over the siding.

What do you do with kitchen soffits?

8 Ways to Deal with Those Awkward Kitchen Cabinet Soffits

  1. Fill in the space with trim.
  2. Fill in the space with a furr down.
  3. Fill the space with trim in a contrasting color.
  4. Get some really tall upper cabinets.
  5. Add a second row of cabinets.
  6. Add a window.
  7. Paint the wall the same color as the cabinets.
  8. Embrace it.
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How is soffit installed?

Installing Soffit

Cut one or two panels at a time, carefully advancing the saw through the vinyl. Insert the panel into the channel on the wall, then into the channel at the fascia board. You may have to flex the panel slightly to insert it into the second channel.

How much does it cost to install soffit and fascia?

Replacing your soffit generally costs about $20 to $30 a linear foot installed, while replacing your fascia costs about $15 to $25 a linear foot installed. Prices for the project depend on a number of factors, including the materials used and the size of your house.

How do you install vinyl siding over old wood lap siding?

How to Install Vinyl Siding Over Wood Siding

  1. Measure the amount of vinyl siding that you’ll need to order.
  2. Take your measurements to the hardware store and order your choice of vinyl siding.
  3. Start with the side of your house with the least doors and windows.
  4. Install the starter strip.
  5. Trim the doors and windows with J-channel siding.

What is exterior trim on a house?

Trim on a home’s exterior typically includes the material that edges the windows and doors, the fascia board that runs along the lower edge of the roof and the soffits beneath the roof. Traditionally, whether a home has brick, stucco or stone siding, the trim material is wood.

Also, does exterior trim go on before siding?

The ‘trick’ to siding and exterior trim is not so much the application of them as it is the sealing and flashing of the openings before starting trim/siding.

Secondly, how do you install vinyl soffit on wood?

Place a J-channel along the wall and nail it to the underside of your soffit plywood every foot and a half. You will then cut the new vinyl soffit pieces and slide them into the J-channel, nailing the opposite side into the wooden fascia board. This should hold the soffit in place until you can install the fascia.

What is an F channel for siding?

The F-channel is a thin vinyl strip that is sold where siding is sold. The upside down F creates a shelf for the soffit to slide into and rest on. The F channel can be easily confused with the J-channel that is used to cover the ends of the vinyl at the corners of the house and around windows.

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Should I caulk around windows with vinyl siding?

Most vinyl siding, if installed correctly, will not require caulk at the sides of the windows and doors. You are supposed to leave a gap at the end of the siding pieces to permit expansion and contraction. This same siding movement is the reason that the siding comes with slotted nail holes.

What is the purpose of a soffit?

Soffit serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose for a building’s roofing system. It’s the skin that covers your eaves — without it, you would see your rafter beams fully exposed. With vented soffit, air can flow through the vents to provide regular air circulation to your attic.

What is the best exterior trim material?

Fiber cement, cellular PVC, or wood composite. While solid wood continues to be the most popular material for exterior trim, its vulnerabilities leave big openings for alternative products.

How do you seal soffit gaps?

Start at the end of a fascia board and caulk the corner edge where two boards meet. Smooth the caulk bead with your finger and begin caulking the joint between the fascia board and the soffit (also known as the eave). Slowly move down the joint to apply a steady bead of caulk into the gap.

How do you replace exterior trim?

Remove the rotted trim boards with a pry bar and hammer. Slide the pry bar between the trim and the house siding and lift up until the nails pull loose enough to be removed with a hammer. Take off full trim pieces even if only the bottom is rotted, rather than try to splice a new piece in with the old.

Likewise, can soffit be installed on an angle?

soffit vents on angle. The house has very deep eaves, and the windows are set high on the wall, so it was impossible to box the eaves so that the soffits are parallel to the ground. In other words, the soffits are installed parallel to the roof line.

How wide are soffits?

Soffits usually range from 16 to 24 inches wide.

Does soffit need to be vented?

Soffit vents can be used for intake, but they are not the only means of intake. If you have a vented roof and already have adequate intake venting, you don’t need to add more. Additionally, not all roofs need to be vented – there are “hot roof” designs where the rafter bays are insulated and sealed up.