Should Facebook remove the anti-Vaxx groups?

No, because anti-vaxxers also have a right to their own opinion.It is quite important that people remain vigilant about things that may be superfluous.

But that does not mean that anti-vaxxers are alike.But to kick them out of Facebook would mean that you also have to kick on Facebook’s religious groups and political parties because they also place these ideas on Facebook that can be harmful. For example, the PVV and Geert Wilders, who have not been completely refreshed politically. Or think, which apparently has secret links with Erdogan. Or a bit of every religion that claims that a God exists while it has never been demonstrated.

So no, by removing these groups you limit the freedoms of people and Facebook could decide to make more topics as “controversial” and thus to ward off.

In short, no!

No, because Facebook is already doing the most bizarre things in the field of censorship.This photo was deleted by FB because of pornographic content:

This is the oldest figurine ever found.

It is a tribute to the fertility of women. You see that because the face is not visible, and the genitals are emphasized. Pornographic according to Facebook.

And so there are thousands of examples of America’s debial attitude to nudity, and they find an awful lot of idiotic rules to censor.That’s one of the many reasons Dzt I find Facebook terribly idiot and I deleted my account after a short time.

Nowadays Facebook has focused its censorship on fake news.With the same misery as a result. A page that I followed daily brought the first message that in abandoned supermarkets families and children are separated and imprisoned.

That was according to FB fake and when a few days later the Gande world could see the disgusts images, FB apparently took the decision of the page back to place.But they continue to bully them: When an article appears that does not appear in all newspapers or channels, FB suspends the page again, saying that it is for two months, but after a few days the message comes: “Sorry, it was not a fake news anyway.

Facebook must stop censoring, also groups that are against vaccinations for children, may be able to say their thing there.By censor, you are denied the existence of it. This is the worst possible attitude in that there can be no dialogue in this way.

By the way, they are also not consistent: all those groups that remain in the Earth and bring messages out of them are never blocked because of fake news.

No idea.We may need to inocgate everyone with a Facebook vaccine…..

No, freedom of expression and stuff, but I do see why it seems a good idea.It is, after all, a not completely safe group, misinformation that draws people there so they do not vaze their children (in my opinion something you should do).

But every person, and especially parents, have the responsibility to inform themselves as well as possible, and to do as well as possible research and to make a decision according to that information.A right that we did not have to take off in my opinion. (I think)

No, no matter how much I am anti-vaxxer, they also have the right to express their opinion.What Facebook could do is give everyone access to these now closed groups so that the information supply comes in more balance. I would like to see the same for other controversial closed groups like those of magical remedies to heal Everything (MMS).

But I’m afraid if this would happen they just go to another platform.

Cencuur in any form (online and offline) does not belong in a democracy.


Could you find an image of the painting: “L’origine du monde” (Gustave Courbet) on Facebook?

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