Should criminal asylum seekers be sent back to their country of origin unached costs?


When there is war in your country and you decide to flee to the far away the Netherlands which gives you a roof over your head and a benefit as long as you do not have work then it is not good to talk that you are going to behave criminally in the country you are picking up.

If you are a psychological one that makes you a danger to society, then you do not hear on the street at home and I find that you have to be treated for it.But being sick is something other than being criminal.

Is the ‘ chosen ‘ criminal behavior such as burglation, stealing, threats, robbery etc.Then it is only right that the Netherlands decides that you only have to find another place in the world to live.

And as regards human rights: they also apply to the people who already live in the Netherlands.They too are entitled to safety and may therefore require the Netherlands to take care of that security. Not allowing people who behave criminally can contribute to this.

If you then consciously do not participate in an expulsion by tearing up papers, then detention to those papers is an option.

In theory, that also happens.The practice is unruly. A number of criminal North African asylum seekers are tearing their papers. Consequence: The country of Origin refuses them. They are not recognised as resident. And go back to the Netherlands with the same airplane.

Moral: You can issue a rule ( 鈧?虄return to Land of Herkomst ) but you will first have to come to an agreement with the countries concerned.And they don’t always feel like it. So the rule works only in a limited way.

Difficult difficult.

I have worked with asylum status holders for 5 years.

The answer is (legally speaking): No.Asylum status holders (read: From unsafe countries) may not be returned to Syria or ERITREA, for example. Not as long as the situation is unsafe. This is in the ECHR. This violates human rights, should a country turn off an asylum refugee. However, voluntary return is possible.

Caution; You will only get an asylum status after the IND has concluded that you are indeed out of such an unsafe situation.As fear of death, torture etc. Or you are a vedragsrefugee. Then you also get an asylum status. Not just.

Most ‘ refugees ‘ from safe countries come from North Africa.Those are the people who commit most criminal acts. NOT the people from Eritrea and Syria. That difference must be really clear. These people from North Africa etc. They need to be returned for sure. They often get no status. The route of return is only very gruesome. First, it goes through a voluntary return procedure and does not succeed. But the Netherlands is a bureaucracy so this can all take a long time. Takes in my optics also photografy too long. Also because some countries do not take back the process as much happened in Somalie. That is what needs to be done first.

You may not simply return people to the plane.You do have to abide by all kinds of human rights treaties.

I say no… you will not just be eligible to become an asylum seeker.For example economic refugees…

I have accompanied war refugees for several years.The things they have experienced are unbelievable. From seeing how their own parents are slapped to a girl of 6 who is hiding underneath the table when a helicopter flies along.

The war life has claimed its toll and several clients had PTSD

The likelihood that they show criminal behaviour by what they have experienced is greater.We must use our knowledge in the Netherlands to help these vulnerable people. Not return to the country where they are at risk.

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