Should all politicians receive the average wage in Germany as a salary, i.e. about 2500 euros?

I don’t really care about the compensation.For me as a citizen, this money does not matter, as it has no direct impact on my quality of life. But what has essential consequences for all of us is the question of iq, of a politician’s intelligence.Its task is to solve our problems. But can he do that at all and if so, can he do it better than the average? Is he able to collect facts disciplined and analyzethem correctly?Does his brain manage to grasp the manifold consequences of his decisions for decades to come?

If you listen to the speeches of the politicians on phoenix or in talk shows, for example, you often have nothing but an impression of naked horror.What is shocking is not the expressed opinion per se, but the obvious weaknesses in the mind. In a discussion, one can use any argument that one is convinced of, but politicians cannot follow the basic logic, contradict oneself within a few minutes, cannot grasp questions in terms of content and spirituality. , Phrases repetitively quote down ….. this is nothing less than a tragedy and a disasterfor all of us.Let us not forget, these people lead and decide on entire ministries, armies and millions of people strong nations.

I therefore call for a compulsory intelligence test for all politicians.The IQ test must be published by a neutral institute. Those who do not get to 120 points are outside and are simply never admitted as candidates, no matter for which party.

I live in Switzerland and if I want to buy a Chihuaua as a dog here, I first have to attend a week-long evening course on dog keeping, complete practice assignments and pass a final test.Only with this I acquire the legal right to own a dog at all. Afterwards I have to complete another three-week course with the puppy, at the end of which we will be tested again together. Politicians therefore consider it necessary for the citizen to qualify to keep a dog, but can any idiot decide on human life without the slightest qualifications and intelligence?

Doesn’t that really scare you?

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