Products of de Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) Black page in our history to be something to be proud of?

You cannot deny the people of the VOC or the WIC that they had big guts and were great innovators and entrepreneurs.And with that they have changed this world quite a lot. Cities such as Cape Town or New York are witnesses to this, and today’s people are also the heirs.

They also did things that we would rather not think about today, as in Africa buy slaves to sell them in America, for example.I am only glad that this has come to an end and that humanity has made some progress on that point.

Although.. In Mauritania, 20% of the population is still slave, although it is official or against the law, but the law is not enforced.

I think history is there to learn from, but then you have to be willing to be honest about the past.Slavery was (and is) endemic to Africa, and most of the slaves were bought from Neerland’s trading partners such as the Asjanti of Ghana. To conclude that white Europeans have a monopoly on wickedness and black Africans are always completely innocent is an extremely racist story, which unfortunately is increasingly increasing. Fortunately, there are also people in Africa who realise this and oppose it. I think that the people of Africa and Europe have to browse together that page in history and decide together that the future can be better, just as well as French and Germans who have done after WWII.

It is extremely difficult to move around at that time and now to give judgment.If you are judged on courage and adventures sense then you can only admire it. So far and through such difficult sea areas you find your way and successfully return with merchandise is a top performance. But with the knowledge and attitude of now the deeds that hang around it judged you can only reject it. But remember that at that time every city had its gallows or even galglets. It was not of those democratic sissies like today. So white page with stains.

The VOC was an early manifestation of capitalism.Capitalism is a ruthless system. It booty out and devastated. However, We owe it to our way of life.

So We live in a capitalist system, if you are more or less satisfied with it, then it is strange to reject the origin of that system.

Of course not!Just as well not as my ancestor cave dweller who commanded his tribe to finish another tribe.

It is easy to judge people and organizations by our current standards, but is also completely nonsensical.You could now begin by condemning yourself and others around you for what our descendants might see as scandalous (pollution, CO2, etc).

I am proud of my ancestors that they have dared to travel to the other side of the world, to our standards of life-threatening ships, to a completely unknown life for them, a lot more dangerous than almost any journey you Earth can make.That it was no sweers, I also do, that does not detract from the courage they have shown in their lives.

And to be clear: the people who found them there were no sweatings, just unfortunately for them, not able to stop our ancestors.

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