Procrastination and immediate satisfaction determine what I do, what can I do to change this?

What stops you from making big, positive changes in your habits? What makes your progress plummets and your motivation gets a hefty dent after a while?What makes you sometimes specify while you’re barely started?

For many people, the answer is ‘ instant reward ‘: Immediate satisfaction.Anyway to grab that pack of chips when you wanted to lose weight, still facebooking for half an hour while you wanted to make a quote for a new customer of your new business.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that can help us to largely postpone that ‘ reward ‘ so that we can achieve long-term goals and cultivate new and positive habits.

1.Provide a supportive environment

Remove the ‘ seduction ‘ that causes more frustration: just don’t buy that pack of chips, or close that window with Facebook.And add new sources that support you:
Read blogs that keep your motivation high but also focus on long-term progress.
Read books from people who have done what you want to do.Talk to people who turn out to be good at delaying ‘ reward ‘: What strategies and tips do they have that can help you?
-If you have a coach who helps you to stay on track with, for example, your diet or building your own business, that is obviously a great powerful support.

2.Find fun in the process

Focus Less on the end result and learn to find pleasure in traveling to your goal.

Els: “when I got 14 pounds slimmer last year and wrote a book, I used my environment to support me for the long term.But during sports, healthy eating and writing, day after day and week after week, I was actually ‘ detached ‘ from the end goal. I did what I thought was good and within my control lag. And the rest, the end result, I let loose. “

So you can get motivated by a result in the future before you start taking action.But as soon as you take action, you’ll focus your best on that action.

Els: “by focusing only on my fitness workout, I didn’t get discouraged when I hadn’t fallen off X gram after a week.You become more patient and emotionally more stable when you don’t think about losing weight all the time. If you just do those workouts -and watch your food -then those pounds will go off. This really helped me to get in shape and have fun in those workouts. “

Pieter’s goal was to find a friend: “By letting the goal that a woman would like me during a party or a date, I was less nervous.I wasn’t concerned with how I could impress people. And so I could deal more relaxed with others, as if I were going out with my close friends. This approach helped me to just have fun and be more relaxed while I improved my social skills while dating. “


Take a break when a pulse lures you on the wrong path

When you feel the need to grab some candy in a pulse while you want to slim down, or when you feel the urge to check Facebook instead of focusing on an important task, pause.

Just be quiet. You will notice that the need goes by again if you do nothing for a few seconds or minutes.Then think of something better to do and do that in place.

If you have admitted to the impulse anyway, do not beat yourself to the head.Instead, think about how you can avoid in the future to admit to that impulse. Try to find a solution for the next time you are in such a situation. And continue to continue.

SOURCE & more about procrastination: Procrastination | Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

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