Once I was confident, but over time I developed a negative self-image and sometimes I’m even jealous. What can I do about this?

Comparing ourselves with others ensures that we can develop a negative self-image and thus make us feel less confident.

The tendency to compare ourselves with others is human. But it deprives us of pleasure.It is a habit with many drawbacks:

  1. Comparisons are always unfair.

We compare the worst thing we knowing from ourselves with the best we suppose to others.

  • You compare measurable things.
  • But what is really important, such as love, friendship and health, cannot be measured.

  • Comparisons steal precious time.
  • We get 86,400 seconds per day. And even using one of them to compare yourself or your performance with another is a second too much.

  • You are too unique to compare honestly.
  • Your talents, successes, contributions and value are unique to you and your goal in the world. You can never really compare them to anyone else.

  • You have nothing to gain, but much to lose.
  • Like your pride, your dignity, your enthusiasm and your passion.

  • There is no limit to the possible number of equations.
  • The habit of comparing you can not overcome by achieving success. There will always be something else to set you up.

  • Comparing focuses your focus on the wrong person.
  • You can control One life -that of yourself. But as we constantly compare ourselves with others, we are wasting precious energy on focusing on their lives, rather than on that of ourselves.

  • Comparing often results in resentment and rancor.
  • Opposite others and to ourselves.

  • Comparing deprives us of pleasure.
  • It does not add value, meaning or fulfillment to our lives. It even leads us away from it.

    As you notice, there are a lot of disadvantages associated with comparing.You have already experienced the light.

    How can you break loose from this habit?

    These are 9 steps to stop comparing yourself to others.


    Be aware of how stupid (and harmful) comparison is.

    Read the list above again. And be aware of the damaging effects of comparing in your life.Take it to stop.

    2.Become aware of your own successes

    Whether you are a servant, self-employed, mother, student or whatever, you have a unique perspective on the world through your own experiences and talents.You have the ability to love, help and contribute. You have everything you need to do something good in your particle of the world. Be aware of what you have already accomplished and try to achieve more of it.

    3.Pursue great things after

    Some of the greatest treasures in the world are not so visible: love, empathy, generosity,… These are not to be measured.They are beyond the definition of success that society holds on.

    4.Compete less. Appreciate more.

    The quicker you stop competing against others to ‘ win ‘, the quicker you can start working together.The first step to overcome that misplaced competition urge is to appreciate the contribution of others and give them a compliment.


    Gratitude leads us to acknowledge the good things we already have.

    6.No one is perfect

    No one lives a painless life.Even if you don’t see it, you know that everyone is experiencing problems.

    7.Take a Walk

    If you still notice a tendency to compare with another, then stand up and change your environment.Walk here, even if it is to the other side of the room. By moving, you also bring movement into your thinking.

    8.Find inspiration without comparison

    Comparing your life with that of another is stupid.But finding inspiration and insights from others is wise. Learn the difference.

    9.If you have to compare it, then match with yourself

    Strive to be the best version of yourself -not just for yourself, but for the contribution we can bring to others.Work hard to take care of yourself: physically, emotionally and in terms of the meaning you give to your life. You are committed to growing a little every day. And learn to celebrate the little steps ahead -without comparing those steps with others.

    Less comparison gives you more freedom. That alone is worthwhile!

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