Of all the countries you’ve visited, which country had the biggest difference between rich and poor?

I was still in doubt between Russia and Hong Kong.

But I’m going for Indonesia anyway.

In Russia The difference is less visible as soon as you step out of the Moscow bubble.In addition, there are so many grey and black money streams that this difference is barely in figures to express. Hong-Kong suffers from the same problem: even if you have five million in the bank account, you still live on the 23rd floor in a flat that we would call a single-family house in the Netherlands. You will probably be driving in a nicer car, and more often abroad on holiday.

In Indonesia there are immense differences.Life is cheap there, so as soon as you start to get some money, the moment money starts earning its own money is faster than in the Netherlands. For the vast majority of Indonesians, however, it is scurrying on and around the minimum wage. So I followed my dearest mother once through the narrow alleys of a kampong in a not-to-be-called Big city, visiting some old granny who could only point out to me and cry out “what?!Is He the person I had as a small dreumel in my arms? “.

Her cottage was little more than four walls and something of corrugated sheets as a roof.

The toilet was around the corner, and one shared five other families. In The Netherlands we would call such a bicycle shed. Anyway, once there tea drunk, asked how it goes in that distant, cold Netherlands, we went back to the hotel again.

Admittedly, this hotel I didn’t select, that did my secretary to me. Upon arrival, the Piccolos were already ready to open the doors, pick up the suitcases from the trunk of the taxi and load them on a cart.

My mother is rather scared when she loses her luggage, but I reassured her. Once checked in and brought to our room, the suitcases were not only in the room, but the clothes were also neatly folded up in the closet or on dangles. The piccolos refused any tip.

This was a hotel where no foreigners come.Here the Indonesian elite is staying. Several guests made a chat with us, in Dutch (as the European nobility still likes to stick to French as lingua franca, Dutch is the language of Indonesians with money, titles and country). But well, I had to dine that evening with an old colleague who lived nearby, so I wanted to go to a restaurant right next to it. 200 meters walk, good to do would you say. The hotel, however, insisted that I would go that Kippe-away by taxi. I imagined such a light blue stepped Toyota, but a shiny black Mercedes was driven. The restaurant where I had agreed, also appeared to be such an elite restaurants, including in-house cigar Club. Luckily I had my linen dinnerjacket included. The prizes also do not matter. The beer I ordered first cost 4 euros, and the amuse that I wanted was 5 euros. And to think that my mother and I rested along the road at a street tent for one and a half euros eating and drinking, on a plastic or wooden stool, where those other 99% of Indonesians also eat. “Alas” said the former colleague, while he gave the keys of HIS dark BMW to the valet “… Difference must be There “.

Egypt.In Cairo They have a neighborhood that literally lives out of waste sorting. And indeed the luxury life of upper middle class.

Of all the countries I have visited, India really jumps out of it.There are cities such as Hyderabad in the middle of the country, where the wealthier population and the poorer completely seised life and actually live in two different worlds in the same country. In Mumbai, however, this difference is distressing in practice, where poor and rich literally live next to each other. An example of the inequality here is the “1-billion dollar” building of billionaire Mukesh Ambani surrounded by slums in South Mumbai.

(Photo of the Daily Mail)

In India, 54% of the wealth is in the hands of the inhabitants who possessed at least a million dollars, which makes India the one after “most unmost” country after Russia. [1 In addition lived in India in 2011 over 21% under the poverty border.


Since the years 90, however, prosperity in India has risen considerably, which is reflected in the development of GDP per capita (towards purchasing power) of approximately 1200 in 1990 to around 7200 dollars in 2017. [3 Poverty Fortunately also decreases due to this growth, as can be inferred from this chart since the years 90.

Bv in Los Angeles the difference between Beverly Hills and the huge number of homeless on the street.

The US..

Both in San Fransisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles The difference was really huge.

For example, on Venice beach in La it was good to see. Or groups of 20 + ‘ just on the street ‘ in San Fransisco.

Spain.. In the southwest you have a small town/region Orgiva… Very nice where many Europeans settled down (worth a short holiday incidentally if you like mountains), but if you look past the nice weather Nice center and nice restaurants.. You see people struggling have a lot of trouble.

France, Paris, certain neighborhoods are harrowing to see.

The Netherlands, Rotterdam: More often spoken with young adults who live everywhere between traps and on the streets.. Violently.

‘, ‘ India.On the one hand, beggars on the other side guests in new Ferraris who in one day earn more than anyone else in a year.

“, ‘ Venezuela


The US

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