My partner looks at many Instagram models pages and looks at women who twerken. I do not feel respected, is this right? How do I transfer this to him without being jealous?

Whether it is right depends on more than just this given.

Having fantasies, and looking up things that are in your fantasies, I don’t mind at all.I also sometimes watch pornography when my wife is at work, I also read pornographic booklets when I was together with my husband. Watching and masturbating about fantasies, even if supported by images, is in my view very normal, and does not say much about the relationship.

Of course, it will be different if your partner will treat you and the relationship differently.If he/she is going to measure you towards the women they look at, if they go to compare, if the intimacy and sex with you are going to suffer, then it is a completely different story. Then it becomes a problem because your partner apparently looks for something you don’t offer or can’t even bid for, and that’s unhealthy.

So well, is it right?You can only determine this yourself by talking to your partner about what kind of function it has that he/she does. Are they happy with you and just look for nice things to look at, or you should see this as a signal that something is not good about the relationship.

If it is the first, then it is up to you to see why you feel so threatened.I assume with my partners that they have chosen me for a good reason. And so they are satisfied with me. Passively enjoying in the sense of watching, actively enjoying being part:), is not a problem at all, because those other people are not a threat to me at all.

And if it’s the second, you either need to search for a solution or disconnect the relationship if it doesn’t (anymore).

Jesus dits something you have to solve in your self.

Dits your own uncertainty that is now being uncovered.Why don’t you feel respected?

Shouldn’t he decide what he is looking at when he plays with himself?

Look you can say sweet listen I want to have it with you about your consumption of naked ladies.Hold a conversation over there but I find it really posturing. You have imagination you have to lose your lust occasionally. Imagine we have a relationship yes I want 10 times a day and you want two.

Then we do those two but the rest I go to complement myself.Women are really different in my head there is a dividing line between my pornography consumption and my relationship pornography is complementary.

As if you never closed your eyes during sex and fantasized that it was someone else.Mosquito of an elephant if you don’t like it then dump it and then search for one that doesn’t look like a pornography.

I get your ladies don’t be realistic and just go for what you really want.If you do not like your mouth open, but do not make him a victim of your uncertainties and baggage from previous relationships.

Do not try to change them do not like swapping it for better model.Ladies do too much to sunken cost fallacy. Yes because you have spent a lot of time in something does not mean that it is worth to keep.

Do not give their boundaries well to want something really not but ladidida.No works wonders. Boundaries do wonders on your stripes are doing wonders. Learning something you don’t really like is just your own.

You’re going to find me in hand but if this attempt is two with the same boyfriend dump him.

You take dating too seriously see it as a game it should be fun breezy it should bring you happiness good sex and decent communication if it is not those things why do why stay?

I’m going to be blunt but if you had some more confidence in yourself then you didn’t stay with all the dudes who didn’t actually make you happy and then you also dared to set higher demands.

I understand difficult youth that makes dating harder but if you continue to re-create those relationships you ignore yourself accepting things that you actually do not want and do not draw boundaries and release things that are not good for you then this continues to repeat themselves until that you do learn.Doing things reluctantly you only have yourself with it.

I myself have had these problems too.She wanted things of mine that I didn’t want. I as a zwakkie admitted to doing yes okay but while I was going to annoy it afterwards. Be ready with it if it doesn’t work and you don’t get more cheerful than I’ll be able to cover it soon. If there Is a half planet full of women, there must be one that normally does and which I can have fun with that doesn’t like her all the time, complains and pushes.

Before I come with my own experiences, here this:

I do not feel respected,

Did you also pronounce that feeling and how does your partner react?From your question I have the idea that this is not the case.

How do I transfer this to him without being jealous?

The question here is whether you are actually jealous.If that’s the case, be honest in the conversation.

‘ Dear Jan (or Kees, Karel, or whatever he’s called), because you always look at those billenshaking girls, I get the feeling that you don’t see me anymore.In fact, I start to be jealous, to the attention you give to people you don’t even know. “

Of course in some other wording, because you know Jan (Kees or Karel) better than I know him of course.

If you bring it in such a way, you are very honest.You have a problem in your relationship, but you do not explain the cause to him (dirty pervert, you see again to watch those billenschudders, you are sure I was sitting?), but clearly indicates that there is a problem in your relationship , where the cause (and Solution) to both is found.

You have just made your problem ‘ your ‘ problem.

Now something about feminine clean, men and their behavior.I photograph myself since my eighth and since my 23rd I am doing model photography, where I also shoot artistic nude photos. My partners were always here long before I even had something serious with them from informed. In some relations it was a problem, in others not.

In those relationships where it was a problem, was-I became clear later-it was mainly a problem because my partner himself had strong physical uncertainties linked to the idea that men mainly want women because of the ‘ outside ‘.

In my own case, after 32 years ‘ photographing exteriors ‘ you start to become reasonably immune to that outside.I have had relationships with women who are conventionally attractive and with women who were conventionally less attractive. The fact that I regularly make photos of ‘ conventionally more than attractive ‘ women does not change the appreciation I feel for my partner.

Perhaps it is good to listen to your partner Why He is attracted to you, what it is that makes your relationship special for him.

With of course as a danger, that he just does not know and has stayed with you from the power of habit.But in all cases you know where you are.

If both of you are not such talkers, I recommend that you do this conversation under expert guidance.

To begin with: I am a man and watching pornography brought a lot of friction in my previous relationship.It broke down because of many reasons, but this element was certainly not insignificant in it. So from the ‘ other side ‘ I can imagine something. I have also thought a lot about sexuality and relationships and written about it.

Your first question is whether your feelings are right?That doesn’t matter much, I don’t need to talk you out of your feelings, that’s authentic and communicates something in you that demands attention and is therefore useful. So it’s something important to share, especially with your partner sooner or later. Otherwise, a piece of insulation will occur.

You can also see this as a great challenge, a reason to think further about relational integrity and sexual perception.The best is when mutual understanding arises. If you place everything in a larger perspective, you can better determine what your own boundaries are. I will share some thoughts below.

Both men and women have their own experience and imagination in terms of sexuality and romance.Women sometimes have more with romantic films and men are previously interested in sexual acts, soft or hard-erotic. Of course, it is usually not as black and white, because the other way around is also true. Besides your joint eroticism, you also have individual sensuality.

For example, from my background it is often seen as a kind of infidelity in the relationship when you look eroticism.Funnily enough I’ve never heard anyone complain about enjoying romantic movies. Both aspects are based on exclusive intimacy, the one in Sex and the other in romance. You are also not going to eat intimately with someone else.

The main question is whether partners primarily focus their sexual perception on the partner, so individual sensuality does not at the expense of the quality of your love life.Also in the relationship in general: How special are you for each other, what connects you to the other? You give each other to power what the other you want.

Sexuality is therefore about eroticism but also to do justice to the individual experience of the partners.Would you be jealous if your partner masturbates if you are sick or not in the mood? To what extent do we give each other the space to discharge sexual tension? Besides emotional-sexual gratification, you also have physical satisfaction. They are not always right.

If you put both energy into your love life and do justice to each other and in your relationship also live well together in other areas, then it is good to ask yourself to what extent sexual sensuality can go as an individual without undermining your relationship.That means both an open conversation with each other and being faithful to your own experience.

This is often enough to get the sting out of the case.Be honest about expectations and boundaries and feel you heard. Then you still have the freedom to bother with it, although it is also the question of how much you want to force the other to commit to it. If you do not have peace with the outcome, that is not right or wrong, rightly or wrongly.

Relationships are about to meet expectations, wishes and boundaries.Some people do not want a partner who smokes, does or does not want pets, does certain work, has a religious background or lacks and other conditions. Or that are always maintained is what else. But it is normal that we have certain wishes and boundaries that belong to us.

So… Engage in conversation, in all openness.And just step by step to work with your relationship, until you both can come to a new rapport.

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I would appeal to him and tell him that I am not so good at it and want to know what he likes to look at it just because he has fantasies about it I would be able to understand and why would you not be able to say how you feel to yourself? Talking is still better than asking yourself anything because it can be very innocent anyway?Everyone does have his fantasies sometimes

I think it has nothing to do with “you don’t feel respected”.I think you better be able to do something about the real reason that you don’t want him to be on Instagram (!), then your friend cuts out what he can and shouldn’t do. It is not a child and he is not infidelity to you either. Even pornography is not, it is note to Instagram. So I think you are really jealous and then you better do something about your uncertainty.

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