My girlfriend prefers to sleep alone, in her own bed. She sleeps badly. Is this really harmless or an indication of problems in our relationship?

The tradition of sleeping together in a bed is partly due to the lack of space.The rich people who live in very large houses usually have just two bedrooms and two bathrooms for him and for her.

In some traditional cultures it can also be different: all the women and children of the family sleep in a space and all men in other space.

Is this in your case innocent or indicative of problems in your relationship?I don’t know that. The fact that you are wondering if it is, says that you are quite uncertain about that. There may be other things to play. Only you can know that. But sleeping in itself does not affect relationship itself.

What others even say-she sleeps badly.Then that in another bed lie a temporary solution. Because you wonder if there is a problem, you would like to have them just lying in bed. I’d be looking at what is causing the bad sleep. Lying In her own bed is possible symptom control.

My husband is really such a blanket roller.He sleeps like a burrito. In the beginning I lay quite the night without a blanket. Slept badly thereby and was discolored awake.
Solution each has its own blanket.Anyway I always have a lot warmer than him, so I sleep all year under a super thin summer cover. In the summer I sleep under a little boy, he calls it haha, a thin lacquer is it.

So I already slept a lot better, were it not that the guest is changing at night in an F @ cking dolphin and now with the new mattress-he really can’t turn where in one move.It comes in 6 or 7 pieces * Poink poink poink-Poink-Poink Poink-POINK that lies and he also sometimes has a lot of things. My sleep-I’m a lot less understanding than my awake I so that still results in a ‘ LIE still IDIOTIC SUCKS DOLPHIN ‘ on my part.
Then he laughs or beats some crits.In the morning he knows nothing.

Anyway, tie another problem.I now practice with the awake Flipper how he can turn around normally without all sorts of shows. So that when he turns at night it applies the new turning to the autopilot. Until that time I jump on the bed as a seal in the morning to wake him up;)
(I got permission for that!)

Even without Dolle (fine), make it negotiable.If she sleeps badly, it has a cause that you may just be able to do something about. Don’t worry about this workaround but invest your pressure time in finding a permanent solution.

No, it usually means that there is one so hard snores that the other can not sleep.Probably snoring you or doing something else that keeps her awake.

I tend to say that this is really innocent, if she herself already indicates that she is sleeping badly.

I myself also often that I prefer only sleep than with a woman.I am quite sensitive to temperature; If it’s something too hot, I’ll be hard asleep. Unfortunately, most women do not like a cold room & cold bed. Have often experienced enough that we are hugging, in which I am too hot and she says to have it too cold.

So would say, let her sleep nicely alone; As long as it does not get in the way of intimacy, there is nothing going on.