My girlfriend is after 2 months dating me pregnant and we want to keep our child. But how can I become a good father?

Seek advice from other parents who already have a lot of experience and also to those who have just become parents, you already know a little what awaits you.

Talk very well to your partner how you are going to do this and that you are ready for it.

Go to course or read on the Internet or in a book how it’s going to work.

If you are already living together then you have achieved the hardest part I think if not then consult who is going to live with or you are going to buy a whole new house.

I may be the worst person to ask since I’m pretty young (under 16) but I hope these tips will help ❤️

That differs per child.But generally accept the child as the child is. And do not condemn the child for failing to achieve your chosen goals. Take care of an environment where children dare to make mistakes and where you can discuss the mistakes and why it went wrong with them.

Do not believe that because you are the father that you must know everything and be responsible everywhere.If you don’t know something or are unsure about it it’s OK to ask advice/help to others.

In addition, they develop the skills to become autonomous adults.

Oh and one I think is very important.Do not crack their ideas. Never. Support them and help them to carry out their ideas. And if it fails. Help them figure out why not. So they learn to deal with setbacks as they try to make their idea where.

Prepare for a girlfriend/wife who completely loses attention to you and focuses on the child.

In principle, In my opinion, a good father would put the child (s) in the first place and lose his ego.In any case, to the children.

By marrying your girlfriend.Then the child gets a standard parent couple like most children. That you have not opted for abortion is already a good step. You will be best a good father I suspect. A little bit more self-confidence is useful!

If you love her then everything runs well but you never have to leave the talk in a relationship because if you consult together what you need to do and what you expect it to be, then a good Vander is someone who is always ready for you and WHO Unconditionally love you and protect you by thick and thin as you dekn that they have something to try talking to them and all those good things but for now it is doing it together.

Get started with yourself.

Where most parents go wrong are the things they have not yet processed.Because they are still stuck to the wrong education they received from their parents, they will pass these mistakes on to their children, unaware of course.

The fact that GE is a good father to say that you want to do your best.The most important thing is to focus your attention on the child. See how your child responds and follow your heart.

Be present, that wants to be blessing with your full attention in the here and now.

Also know one thing, you will make mistakes and hurt your child but that is completely OK, the soul of the child chooses its quickly very deliberately from

It is true that the longing for something is only born if you miss what you want to discover.The soul thus chooses parents from where it will not be seen its core. Thus, the soul can discover a new perspective in itself.

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