My girlfriend doesn’t want to hug me but she looks at naked men in ‘ Temptation Island ‘. Why are they deliberately putting sexy men in that kind of TV programs that I can’t compete with?

My best, the world is forgiven the men who are prettier, more attractive and more sexy than I do. And my wife likes to look at it.May she? In the same way as I can look at beautiful, attractive sexy women. May I?

The idea that my wife should have something next is not my idea.The one has nothing to do with the other.

But now that you say it, I’m curious about your cuddly skills.My wife wants to cuddle up at his time, but that doesn’t mean she wants ‘ more ‘. It is possible for you to cuddle just the run up to more. For your girlfriend maybe not.

And accept that there are always men who are more beautiful and sexy than you, but your girlfriend has chosen you.Guy! Apparently you are the most beautiful, most attractive and sexiest for her. But that is not to say that they are no longer allowed.

A motto that might come in handy: window displays may, but buying is only at home.And the sigh of women-ah, let’s say that it is different from that of men. But as long as they end up buying from you…

Bruh two things gonna make the gym unsafe yes then be yourself that sexy man lasts miss a year or two but then you also have some.Don’t feel like wondering why she does this. Is She you sat? Is she TV junk? Do you have to show them as a caveman who is the boss? TV switch off after the bedroom drag and pull it completely apart? If this is a thingy. Dump there. Life is too short to sit with people where you annoy the flaws. I know that you are actually a soft dear guy but you also need to be a little tabernera otherwise you get this crap. Sweetheart I see you nie so many times and when you come I want to hug you but you put this junk on please do me a fun and watch that herseless dredging at home. How often do I throw up a damn with half naked chicks that look better when you come to me? I am naturally sweet and soft but you abuse it should I send you away until you have learnt your lesson? Do I have to set up pornography every night you come by? Do you really think you can find more lievere better dude than me? Do you think other dude would tolerate this from you? They call it toxic but women do a lot of toxic crap and we men are drowsy because we want cunt. I say it now very blunt you love your girlfriend but you pick up things that I do not uncut. With women you have to be consistent. No is no I am struggling to do you for me too. I do not need you tallla understand me very well. I know myself I know what I bring in this relationship. You can try to train me. Your tricks and your mindhles don’t work. I’m not going to run for you. Do your crap what I do not like then there is the hole of the door I have Tinder I have OkCupid in case of emergency whores. I see too many young men make stupid mistakes I snap that they are your heart you love your socialising but because you are wrinting you in all sorts of curves and jumping when she says jump you got yourself because yeah she knows heck he eats out of the palm of me hand. He brings me presents remember our important dates is sweet for me family Ladidada. If I’m cheating, ie takes me back again that kind of thing its dangerous brother. I’ll give you gifts if you’re worth it when I find it necessary. Dates are you 14 as long as I don’t go 5 years with you it doesn’t captivates. Sweet for your family lamb maid keep me away from your fucking family I have a damn with me eige so why would I bet in a godesname me to and yours I don’t make sense to yours. Cheating can be done once I get there I personally make sure you never do it at another. Do you do something I don’t like hole the door is out there. I have my thingies I’m a little odd but on the other side it says that you have a good one to me as long as you interest me. Am I fed up then you are so exchanged again do not you give me what I want later chica Yes planet full of women everyone is replaceable and there is always a better deal to get. I also am not too dirty to let the some ladies fight among themselves. You want to show me then why should I take you if I have those who and those who also want it. Guys like young men I press you this on the heart make it the ladies a little harder. The reason you don’t get a kitty is not because you’re ugly. You are too gressive and do not offer any resistance. Better still ignore her. Plague hair shows I don’t need you. Very nice what you do with those other dudes but I’m not going to do that. This works for young ladies from a pair of 16 17 18 to a year or 30. If you have luck. If you have bad luck this works up to 25 does not work at HBO wo Ladies. More tips needed send a PM

Ratings.Sex sells. If you want to compete with men who have no respect for women (I can also sit next to it but I don’t think so), who participate in a program more for the trip than for testing their relationship because of that they know in advance that those are for soap. If you want to compete with men who do not need more than a week with another woman to go from “I have a strong relationship” to “I go with another”.

I don’t look at Temptation Island, but as far as I know they don’t run totally naked around, so bare men will not be.(or I have to sit there again is totally next).

Just ask her why she doesn’t want to cuddle.

A good answer from Karel van Welie, but just an approach of a woman.You write hugging here, but do you mean that too, I also don’t feel like cuddling because I know very well that this very often turns out to sex and I don’t feel like that at that moment or no time for it.

The questioner’s misconduct is that he cannot compete with the gentlemen from a television programme that has been set up.

Man-his and sexy-man loves much more than a tight body and a charming look.You have much more in house than one aspect, the physical. It is good to take care of yourself and to dress, as a token of self-respect… That too is sexy and important for women.

Second, your girlfriend is just doing a fantasy

She is looking for a dream world.Like dreaming about a wealthy guy, living in a palace or tropical paradise. Just like other men (and women) dream about fantastic sex and romance, what they get from movies and books. We all have our pink dreams, or expectations that are a bit too rosy.

Fantasizing is not bad in itself, it can inspire us and shake up.It should not lead to a life of its own. Give each other some imagination, some pornography (literally and figuratively). It is human and normal to seek some inspiration and amusement in dreams and presentations thereof.

Thirdly in your relationship and invest yourself

In addition, stay both sober in reality, but try to both develop and share the best of yourself.Try not to be another or to adjust too much. Give yourself and the best you are as a unique person and learn to appreciate and stimulate the other.

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