My friends are not good for me but how do I deal with it? They are my only friends and otherwise I have no one anymore.

I don’t know if you mean they don’t treat you well or that they have a bad influence on you.This answer is applicable in both situations.

For a long time I had an extremely claiming girlfriend.Who without me had demanded all my time, energy and attention. Not literally but such that I had no room in my head anymore to maintain other social contacts. I am introvert so among the people are costing me a lot of energy where others here get energy from it. As a result, slowly all people with whom I had ever been friends of my life disappeared just as long as they were left alone. Incidentally, she had an extensive social life.

Enter my feelings we were soulmates and I thought they were just as much to give me as I did to her.Until I began to catch her at a moment on more and more lies. The stupid thing was that there was no reason to lie about those things. After a number of confrontations, I made her clear that she hurt me very much by lying to me and destroying everything with it. The lying was only getting worse and there are still some other things for cases. Normally more than enough to put someone out of my life. But when I told her that I wanted to have her out of my life, she reminded me Dar I had no one at all. Then I realised that I had bet on the wrong horse with all my money. For that reason, I decided to stay with her friends, at least until someone else came on my path.

Of course this did not happen and I slowly began to sink into a depression.After very long and deep thinking about how it came that no one came on my path I realized that it came through her. She claimed all my energy and attention and therefore I was not open to other people.

The conclusion of this story is that sometimes you first have to let go of the old to create space for new things.People like to hear by nature and are often willing to throw their own norms and values overboard and adapt themselves to be able to hear them. The problem is that by doing so, people in your environment with the same standards and values that would have a good influence on you would stay out of your neighbourhood because you are impersonating yourself differently than you are.

You will see if you dare to take away from these negative influences that other things are going to come on your path.People you can be yourself with and have a good influence on you.

Have confidence in yourself and take a leap into the deep.I would like me to be able to turn the time back and do all those lost years. Time is costly, don’t waste it on the wrong people!

Not good for you, so you’re feeling ni good with them? or bad influence as soon as you have doubts to deal with them and their thing,, well a council I can give you, dump for you become patience, they are going to notice that you have differed from them , that they affect you negatively, that is going to work like now on p you, not good so, discover other places you will soon meet people again where you need this question ni then you are well

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