My dog (female) sometimes find it necessary to ‘ ride ‘ other dogs, often males. What’s behind it and what do I do about it?

There can be different causes for this.My female actually does it only in the week before she becomes loops, and then she is also hyperactive and often destructive. Such a thing will have to do with the hormone balance. I’ll keep her short on the leash when she tries, but don’t give it too much attention.

Also, I sometimes hear that females are going to behave more like males after they have been sterilized/neutered (both terms are used for females, I do not know so quickly which is actually correct).The dog of the neighbor is going to pee with a little paw after the surgery, she also rides legs of visitors. If the behaviour was initiated after such an operation, I would attribute it to it.

In addition, riding is also a way between dogs to determine dominance.Perhaps she is doing more about males because she thinks it is necessary to show ” ̃who is the boss. “™ it is a completely normal reaction, but with us on the course it was discouraged to encourage.

There was the advice to distract her by giving her a command or calling upon you.Do reward of course when she listens. Then you teach her an alternative act. If that does not work (and often it does not work, because at such time they are not aimed at the owner), then pull your hair away at the dog and keep her short. Furthermore, you give her no attention (because negative attention is also attention). Then she learns that playtime is over when she is going to ride, and she learns to finish it in the long term.

Much success and I hope that something works!

Two dogs, Sem and Bailey live near us.And they find in Coco, our Labrador, a willing victim to drive. Co is a male.
And Co find it also nice to be on top of other dogs (which are smaller), but riding it does less.

I suspect that driving is part of the social interaction between dogs, where in this case physical contact is used.If this behavior is encouraged-which can be both positive and negative attention-then it is strengthened. Co is not driving much because since he was small and tried this every time it was kept short and especially no attention. Sem and Bailey, on the other hand, are regularly told that they should not do it.
As if a dog understands the difference between ” not rijden” and ” rijden” ” ¦ attention is attention!

I would not worry too much about it.If Co was the behaviour of Sem and Bailey he becomes a bit brighter, and that is enough for those two to be more quiet. And then they roll again with Z”™ n Three through the grass, because playing continues to be fun.
Dogs that have enough interaction with other dogs know what the signals they can go through and when to stop, they are often the owners who have more trouble with this.

I wouldn’t know why they do that I don’t own a dog I have a kitty

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