My daughter of thirteen is mediocre in French. What fun French children’s series from Netflix or YouTube would you recommend for her age?

When I was 13, I found children’s series boring and too childish, but maybe it’s different for your daughter.

It is actually quite easy nowadays to find French-language films and series online: The fact is that the French dubbing everything instead of subtitled.

Just watching movies that she already likes, but in French, her mastery of the French language will already improve considerably.

TIP: If you don’t know the French title of a movie or series, you can easily find it on IMDB .

“We can not make it more enjoyable, but easier…”

Those nice videos on YouTube are often good.Until the moment it becomes serious. Then there is to pay. Logically: Everyone wants to be compensated for his work.

However, I do not exclude that there are complete and free-of-charge lessons to be found online.France, or better: the French state (Ministry of Education, language institutes,…) belongs to the most active countries when it concerns the global dissemination (yes!) of their language. The offer is impressive. This policy is based on the explosive growth that French waits for the next 30 years. Now 3% of the world’s population speaks French, in 2050 it will be 8%.

More useful, but more boring, for your daughter is to purchase a concise French grammar book.Unjustly, many see a language as a school profession that differs thoroughly from the other. Error! Like history or geography, she can learn it. Now her main obstacle is her deep conviction that she does not have the talent for it.

Without understanding the structure of a language, she does not bake anything.Where does she find it? In the table of contents of the grammar booklet. Now they don’t have to know in detail. However, she has to repeat what she already knows. More important than talent is work and accepting that you have to learn things from outside.
Some for figurines?
-In the Nl. The gender of the possessor of a case determines the possessive pronoun: ‘ His book ‘ (V.E. Man), ‘ her book ‘ (Of a woman)
In French, the word sex of that case determines Bez.VNW.: UN livre = Mann. Zadjalia. NW., so ‘ son livre ‘ (V.E. man) ‘ son livre ‘ (V.E. woman)
-In French, the logic for the verb conjugation is often far from searching: solution?of outdoor Learning
-Other hard nuts to crack: the prepositions (for the price of = AU Prix de)
Solution?of outdoor Learning

And so it goes on.She should not lose time in asking for the ‘ why ‘. Just accept it and repeat it regularly.
Teachers love to teach her lists with exceptions to the rule.It provides more on first to view the rule (the ordinary cases) and then pay attention to the exceptions.

Watching movies is definitely more fun.But without knowing the structure of a language, she does not know anything about it. When she knows it, her French tests will appear more like fill-in exercises.
Grammar is the bodywork of the car.To her to take care of an engine, there the seats, the windows, the dashboard and what is no longer in use.

And just like a car, she needs to maintain it regularly.

NB It is not forbidden to watch nice French movies.At her age, my knowledge of French, through the Belgian education system and the many holidays I spent with my French family, was already much more extensive. I was a big fan of humorous French holiday movies and did not miss any film with Louis de Fun猫s, the type example of the Frenchman (although his parents were Spaniards;)).

Maybe miraculous.Is also set in France.

Carmen s

I am sixteen myself but recommend Miraculous Ladybug.The first season is on Netflix and he is also translated into English and Dutch. The series is made specifically for what each generation has to do and for me and many other teenagers it works.

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