My child is 9 and sometimes stinks to sweat when she comes back from school. Does this indicate a problem with its endocrine? Is there such a thing as child deodorant?

Problem, right I would not think earlier.It works, because smell comes from it.
This says more about that the body is busy developing.

What can also play along is what is eaten.Certain herbs will make you sweat a different odor. You give to ‘ sometimes ‘ so your child doesn’t always smell fresh. It is difficult to judge from my position where it is located, but if you want to discover it you will really have to keep track of what happens and when. If your child stinks only on the Tuesday after the gym, for example, or if it’s been super hot or if you’ve eaten spicy food, that’s a bit different than constant stinking!

It may just be starting puberty.My son is 9 and does not smell yet, but his upper lip already starts to feather nicely. There are girls in his class who already have a chest, so it is not so early. Just get normal deodorant, it’s no different.

‘, ‘ You can make kinderdeo of ordinary deoderant.You take a bus or roller ordinary deoderant and give that to your child under pronouncing the words ‘ here, use this ‘

“,” That may indeed be hormonal.But certainly because she’s so young, it’s hard to say. For example, it can also be a reaction to something she eats. Or just that she’s already a bit more mature in the biological field.

Luckily it’s a girl, so the smell of smells won’t be a problem.There are plenty of kinderdeos. But an ordinary dermatological Deo is also okay, though. Make sure you have a deo without alcohol and then it goes well.

You also have at the Kruidvat or Etos of those minideos.They can easily participate in sports.

The only problem you will get now is to make sure that they do not spray that bottle in 3 days.Young ladies are good at that.

This is the onset of puberty characteristics.From +-10 years this is normal. It is time for (ordinary) deodorant. There is no child deodorant. Children do not need deodorant. You can look better for deos for teenagers, even though that’s not the kind of deodorant that’s really effective against sweat air.

Most importantly, is that your child learns to use the Deo at the right time.

If you are worried about age, you can go to the GP, especially if they have other puberty characteristics, I will discuss it at least once with the GP.

Do this in consultation with your child, because the physical examination is therefore research of the genitals and that is not fun if a child is surprised with this.(I have experienced this a few times, this is not fair to the child. You are also not happy, if you are not prepared for it.)

Just under the shower, before going to sleep.Because children of nine do not move. There you go from sweating.

I am amazed at the word “stinks”.You can smell sweat, but that does not stink in my eyes (nose…).

I can’t remember that a normal, young person unpleasant to smoke sweat, except in two cases:

Sweat feet.
This is a hygienic problem (soluble, with decisive means).

Anxiety sweat.
Stress can give a very foul odor to sweat.After a heavy exam it was really necessary for a lot of fellow students to take a shower and swap clothes:-). And exam rooms rarely smell fresh afterwards.
That resembles a hormonal effect, so who knows it also occurs when starting a new hormone regimen in the young body.Or does she already have stress?

I wouldn’t recommend any deodorant anyway.Healthy skin keeps its own bacteria in equilibrium that do not stink. It only goes wrong in long-term damp clothing (armpits, socks). In cotton and wool only after a long time, with polyester it is immediately touching.
If you are going to disturb the balance in the skin with bacteria-killing deos or other chemicals, then I think the risk of stinking is greater.Plus a chance of skin irritations.

So, if necessary, take a shower, without soap (which is quite a strong base that solves the skin) but with innocent shower milk, allow feet to dry well before the shoes go back on, and only wear 100% cotton clothing (especially socks and undergarments).

Incidentally, we were the first (and long time the only) in the street with a shower.Super Hygienisch So, on Saturday under the shower! It did not get into you to shower even more often (The Netherlands, 1970!).
And no one smelly of sweat, as far as I can remember:-).
(Apparently everyone had an iron-strong own skin bacterium household, by the absence of DEOs!)

Just natural deo without junk clothing good wash shower when she comes home

Perfectly normal.If you are looking for an alternative to Deo I would recommend the Pinterest app, see for example:

Do you want to make natural deodorant yourself?With this recipe you make super fast and simple from just pure natural Ingredients d 鈧?娄 | Life without waste

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