Money doesn’t make happy, they say. But is that the same? How do you think about this and what makes you happy?

Money is an enabler.Do good things with it, and it makes happy. Do bad things with it, and it does not contribute anything and it makes you unhappy.

Money generally makes for more happiness, to a certain extent.Research has happened here. Around 75,000USD/year seems to be the peak point. After that, it doesn’t really matter that much anymore (Do We Need $75.000 a Year to Be Happy?).

Money is necessary to meet your daily needs (shelter, food, health care, transport,…), but also to build a social life.Without money, these needs are not guaranteed and you make your continuous worries.

Sufficient money is not enough, but it is necessary for a happy life.

Money in itself also makes no happy.What is true for me is that by having (enough) money I have no worries about financial matters and that contributes to some degree to my happiness.

However, this is not the only factor contributing to happiness.For me happiness is especially in things that are not for sale with money: love, friendship, health.

Money doesn’t make you happy, but it’s a lot more enjoyable.”

When I win ten million in a lottery tonight I am happy.The question is how long that feeling of happiness keeps on.

Money gets used fast.People quickly adapt their life patterns to their ability. Going forward in salary: used within three months. Going backwards in salary: long-term problematic.

About 25 years ago, the Panorama (…) followed the (then) eleven winners of the state Lottery for a year.With ten of the eleven it ran downright badly…. They started things that were too big for them, went bankrupt, got quarrel, divorces, families in quarrel fallen apart….. Ended up in deep misery.

The buying of stuff satisfies, but only short-lasting.Buying ‘ experiences ‘ gives more and longer gratification.

Finally, I have dealt with whole rich people who were unhappy with the suffi.

My conclusion: money, yes gladly.But you are not happy about it.

I can say from experience that if you don’t have money you can be happy anyway.But it’s always nice to have money and I’ve also sometimes won the jackpot and figured out what I could do.

I only let my happiness not depend on a large sum of money on the couch.

What makes me happy is my new lifestyle that I have picked up after my 50th.I live minimally without being a krent and I enjoy my travels, the white beaches I walk in, the warmth of the sun on my skin. That beautiful shell that I found in the coral reef or just on the beach.

The culture I see around me and the architectural styles, the local products.That one beautiful butterfly or the way the sun colors conjures up on the wall doo reen stained glass window.

Every day in my diary I write a few things that have given me a happy and happy feeling.Yesterday was that the bubbles blow Sir on the square that blew beautiful big bubbles.

But it really wouldn’t be wrong if I win the state lottery tomorrow, my life would be a lot simpler than that.

You have to turn it around.Money does not make happy, but a chronic lack of money, makes it unhappy. So if you are unhappy with financial stress, then money can certainly contribute to your happiness.

You have to see money as a nice football field.A nice field does not guarantee a nice, technically groomed football match, but a condition.

Almost weekly, somebody wins millions of euros With EuroMillions. A luxurious villa, a shiny yacht and a chic sports car beckon.

But those do not necessarily make happy.Also a life where you don’t work at all is not a guarantee of happiness. Many of the media-suggested routes to happiness lead to depression on the contrary.

Happy people know that it is reasonably easy to be happy.

These are 7 things they know about happiness.Their precepts say so.

1.Understand that happiness is a journey, and not a destination

Enjoy being on the road in your life: you’re too focused on an end goal without tasting all the beauty that you miss a lot.

Don’t wait for tomorrow hoping you will get something that makes you happy.Today is all you have: so find ways to be happy in this moment. With your family or friends. While realizing your dreams. Because this is your journey. If you live in the expectation that you will win the Lotto, then you are probably on the wrong road for happiness.

2.Learn to cope with frustration

Total control is not an option in this life.So We all get frustrated -about different things and for different reasons.

A basic rule for happiness is your frustration tolerance can increase.That means letting go of control. Too much control kills happiness and feeds frustration.

3.Know what you live for

When you live in line with your life goal, you are more likely to feel satisfied and happy.If you do not know what your values and life purpose are, look at what you are looking for and what gives you energy.

Goals are the essence of hope, and they inspire you to step out of bed in the morning.Happy people have goals in the short, medium and long term, which they strive for, but without compromising their well-being. So take care of goals, but integrate them in a balanced way in your life.


Find joy in simple things every day

Many millionaires have experienced that money is not everything. Continually chasing more possessions instead of small joys often doesn’t help to be happy.Because so you miss the little diamonds that are scattered on your life path.

5.Don’t let the past color your future

Your past is over.It has happened. You don’t have the power to change things that have already happened. Don’t waste your time worrying about the past, but focus on what you can change or accomplish now.


Giving you something, your time or even your money can bring you a lot of happiness.

In A practical study, students had to indicate in the morning how happy they felt and then received an envelope with money.One half had to spend the money on himself, the other half to a gift for someone else or a charity. At five o’clock in the afternoon a ‘ lucky measurement ‘ followed again. Giving away money came from the bus as the best way to increase your own feeling of happiness.

7.Take 100% responsibility

Take responsibility in your life for what happens to you.That’s not to say that all the bad things in your life are your mistake.

It does mean that you have 100% control over how you react to those things.

Take the best possible decisions you can take in your life with the cards you’ve gotten.

Research shows that making money is happy to a certain extent.When you go up (about 80,000 per year? Should I look up) deserves you will be even happier. The basic things and still some extra can contribute to happiness. Then the difference in happiness between that (80,000?) and several millions is very small considering this does not differ in ‘ ‘ worries about money ‘ ‘ and thus the overall level of happiness goes back to basic mode.

If you want to know more, I would like to get Google/scholar on ‘ ‘ money buy happiness ‘ ‘ and then you will find some research (:

Good luck!

Having a certain basic amount of money will make sure that you can solve some of your problems by throwing money against it.So that helps with turning away from you feeling unhappy.

You feel happy sitting in other matters, can be contact with people (neighbors), participate in creative expression (music for example) etc.

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