Many Game of Thrones fan are very disappointed with the last season. Did you think this series also end up disappointing or too much complained?

I found the story to be getting thinner, but what also plays a big role is the detachment that you experience.I am emotionally bound when I receive a constant flow of information. Every time there was a year in between. My feelings have long since left the Noorderzon. In that condition the series look has not made it any better.

I understand that they did so long, but the last period was very long and the way the series was brought to an end felt rushed.Then I’m not talking about the content Perse, but also the images, the make up.

Funny how it was said, this costs so much million.I just thought it would look cheaper.

All in all, I found it a nice series, which I have had a lot of fun with.
I didn’t get off the last season because I didn’t want to lose my beautiful memory of the series.Some people ask ‘ how can you do that? ‘, very simple, I did the TV out and I no longer turn it on for GOT. I can live my life out without ever having seen the end.

I would like to start with the words that the Night is Dark and Full of terrors.

I am the book reader.I have read them all. If you read the books, you miss a lot of information in the series anyway. I found that until the moment Jon/Aegon died, the series very faithful to the books.

And then?Then the books were on, which means that despite GRRM being involved in the series, HBO had a big kluif to write a plot worthy of GRRM. Also know that GRRM itself did not know where he wanted to go and also admitted to having killed people who could later be of interest.

HBO hasn’t done it badly.There was an end goal and they had some fixed points:

  1. Jon as Prince that was promised land
  2. Dany is his aunt
  3. Jon is actually Aegon and the ‘ rightful ‘ heir to the throne.
  4. The night King comes from the north to the south with other Whitewalkers
  5. ?

A few more things

Everything around it is speculation.The world of GRRM is incredibly complex. Think of Tolkien-level complexity. Tolkien does not have to perform under the pressure that GRRM and HBO know. That makes for rushed writing and thinking. You can’t immediately notice the snowball effect.

There is always someone disappointed.For instance, I was disappointed that the Night King lost the battle at Winterfel. He should have won, at least the HBO version of the fight. They were with more, they could not die, they had an undead bear, the cavalry was in the first 5 minutes already dead… it was too easy. It seemed to me plausible that the Night King piece would run towards Kings Landing, that the Alchemists Guild would provide wildfire and that Cersei would triumph. -That has not happened either.

Every ‘ fan ‘ has its own theory.And in this lament, I am not surprised that this is far too verbally out that they are not satisfied. They even start a petition. I think it is an insult to the writers, the actors, the producers and everyone who has been creative. It was a worthy ending that you saw reasonably far coming. The Mad Queen, Jon who is NOT King… Bran ‘ puppetmaster ‘ Stark, who has led everything in the jobs to get this as an end.

I thought it was a nice series.Definitely go see it again.

I have to say very honestly that I didn’t really follow the series after season 6, because I found the quality going down.You could find that the writers were struggling to keep the quality high without the source material of G.R.R. Martin. This was only getting worse in season 8. The jammer is that the quality of the show was still high, great cinematography and acting stuff, but the story just got worse.

Now but Hope Martin gets his books off before he starft 鈧?娄

Much too much has been complained.

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