I’ve been using Windows for years, but I’m thinking about switching to an Apple/MacOS. Do you think an Apple/MacOS laptop is worth the higher price?

A few years ago I won almost $3,000 in a lottery, which I then immediately used to buy an expensive Macbook from.A nice laptop and now a number of years later he still does it well. Only, the hard drive is somewhat on the small side and it’s a bit tricky to expand with additional hardware. The choice in software is also somewhat limited but it looks very nice.

Very different from the only Windows you have used.Luckily, my experience with various operating systems is still from the time when Apple put the first Macs together in a garage. Counter-clockwise via MS-DOS, OS/2 and Windows and clockwise via Unix, Minix, BSD and Apple. I’ve mastered both routes well, but Windows is still more enjoyable than MacOS.

The problem I find is that MacOS often asks for your password when you install software or run certain applications.In itself, it’s nice that the system keeps the security high, but it makes sure that users are getting less and more careful where they enter their password. A phishing site that mimics a password popup could therefore succeed in stealing passwords. This is because users do this automatically. Under Windows, that habituation is already less.

I’m glad I chose to use a Macbook alongside my desktop PC and laptop.And my server and second desktop. My big Alienware Desktop is my standard workstation and my old laptop is with 19 inches pretty big. The Macbook is a lot more handy to take with you and looks especially nice, since I have a nice, leather cover around it. So I mainly take it with you to show off while my Pcs are workhorses.

But switching can not hurt in itself if you first orient yourself well on what you want to do with your new system.Memory and disk space will be important elements in your decision. The availability of the software you need is also important, although on a Macbook you can also install Windows alongside MacOS. Will cost more disk space.

For me, especially the heavier protection of my Macbook is annoying.It makes sense since the Macbook is quite popular within the Thieves guild but it is also quite annoying. And if you are new to MacOS and UNIX in general then you will have to deal with a high learning curve. It is as if you are moving as a motorist on an engine. It takes some getting used to and the whole is slimmer but you are more quiet at safety.

Depends entirely on what you are going to do with it.The people who use the Macintosh the most and also prefer are from the creative side and use it for video and photo editing. Also people who are busy with music and programmers use a lot of Apple. Some people just find Mac OS to work more enjoyable. I definitely think it’s worth the price because it’s much better integrated than Windows and I just enjoy a Macintosh. That’s also the reason why a lot of people choose a Mac: User experience is best.

I think so.You have to compare it to a premium car of a premium brand. Your user experience is just much better and it has more appearance.

Apple also has a reputation to keep the protection of their customers in privacy.Or rather they don’t sell your information. That’s also true for Linux, but I still think that’s really more for the computer user who knows what he/she is doing.

The hardware is often very good, in terms of screens as well.If you want to have the same quality with another brand you pay similar prices.

Windows 10 sends a lot of data to Microsoft.You can limit this, but don’t turn it off except if you have the most expensive enterprise version.

Apple does not earn from your data, but on the sale of new products.This is immediately a reason not to license their operating system to other computer vendors

If you’re fast it may be, but it’s not sure how long Apple will continue to make Intel PCs.Why weren’t you switched to MacIntosh when Windows came out in 1987?

The reason why you want to switch is important.If you can tell something about that, then thinking about the added value of MacOS compared to Windows is easier to assess for that purpose.

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