It doesn’t interest me anything anymore: it’s all or nothing. Should I gamble and hope to become rich?

Oh well, that sounds like an operation Bodenplatte!

In January 1945, the Luftwaffe launched a last major attack against Allied forces in the west.

The good intention for the new year does not look so good. Together with the Ardennes offensive, the successes are minimal and ephemerally. It accelerates the downfall. Germany loses many pilots, tanks and other equipment, a final bloodletting for its already exhausted power.

With which I want to say: Don’t do pointless attempts that will exacerbate your situation.Financial slump is guaranteed in this way. I know how the situation is further, if you are experiencing further rut but no major problems that require action, it seems sensible to me not to make things worse.

Oh well, it’s a recognizable situation I was in for some time.And you are very negative. You do need more than someone who sells you a kick under the butt. You desire for perspective, meaning and a little life in the brewery. Those are the things that matter, not a bag of money, which may even be quite wrong.

A Manstein maneuver seems to me rather advisable

After the disastrous defeat at Stalingrad, the condition for the German troops at the front was quite chaotic.

The Russians broke out and a new disaster was imminent. Led by General Manstein, the Russian assault was turned off, several armies destroyed and the front stabilised for some time.

I advise you to stay sober, to avoid worse and to make the best of it.Maybe you have serious problems that require expert help. You can take your own initiative or wait for the circumstances to become so bad that you simply have no choice.

Below is a list of options and actions that you need to get started to stabilize your Eastern front.Zum Befehl!

* Social Work

* Social service, food bank and debt relief

* Budget Help and consumers-nibud-National Institute for budget Information

* Day Activities Centre

* Social Workshop

* Walk-in centres and activities of the churches and the Salvation Army

* Develop other social activities

* A consultation with mental health care

* Medication and try to eat well and hike

* Search role models of film stars of around your age and situation: to figure out the good films with a positive approach

* Reading and watching movies on how people get their lives back on track and find perspective

* Make contact with others

* Do what you can, but be sweet and mild for what fails.You are not in a dip for nothing and you do not want to blame yourself. Get out of the slump step by step and reclaim hope and confidence

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