Is Yuval Harari right with the proposition that we people have very much sewn ourselves by going to agriculture instead of hunting and collecting?

There is a short term benefit and a long-term disadvantage.As a hunter/collector we lived quite in equilibrium with nature. There was no question of the outside of the Earth. Unfortunately, life was extremely heavy and the hunger, sickness and attack of a predator were always lurking.

From the moment we became farmers we got more time to invent things and became cultural beings.Our health improved, our longevity rose and we became very good at excluding the weather. Life became more comfortable and more interesting, in the sense that we could satisfy our curiosity much better.

But by tapping into the laws of nature and growing further as humanity, we have been going out of the earth.Now there are 7 billion people, who all want to eat and want a comfortable life. So forests are harvested, oceans are drained and we pump far too much CO2 into the atmosphere. It is not a sustainable system.

I would like to turn the answer of Peter Hendriks.In the short term it was detrimental. Neolithic societies had poor health and little free time compared to Paleolithic. But today we have a high standard of living that we could not have achieved without agriculture.

‘, ‘ Harari does have a certain style, which I would like to characterize as ‘ away with us. ‘
After all, there has never been anyone who has thought: ‘ Come, I stop hunting and collecting and I am going to agriculture companies. ‘ Things go as they go, and that’s actually still so. Both to the past and to the future, man thinks deterministic, as if “we” could have put our fate in our own hand and that (so) in the future will also be able to do so.Both of them are not correct. It just doesn’t work. For example, there were enough people in the 1930s who probably thought it would be better if Hitler did not come to power and there was no Second World War, including in Germany itself. Yet it happened. And it was the most cruel and destructive war ever. Many even thought that it was just b茅ter that Hitler, war and genocide would take place, which would help humanity further. And who knows, that is still the same. In every time we look at the past and the future with a different pair of glasses.
And so I imagine the ancestor when he first got his meal of farmed cereals, sighting and reverting that it was a lot nicer with a sliver venison.And he was right, because Harari says it himself: the diet of the farmers ‘ children was poor with the necessary minerals and vitamins that a varied hunters and collectors ‘ dish contained. But the downside was that agriculture filled more stomachs. No one had figured that out, but it just happened.
Agriculture has been the invention that has changed the world most dramatically.People have come to settle in fixed places and so communities arose. Within these communities people could specialize, because they no longer had to think about their stomach all day, but could think about better houses, what the gods had with them, whether music could be made and how to make a mobile phone Could make.
If that agriculture had not come, then the population would have never been able to grow and that specialisation would never have taken place.So then we walked around with a few million on Earth in bear skins and still did not have a mobile phone.
But with his seven billion we will go to the klote, that is.For the same determinism is still lacking and so there is nothing that humanity will be able to save from its own demise. And that is the chance that man can conceive a solution against CO2 emissions or pollution, even if we want to do so and we believe we are able to do it. But believing and actually doing it, are not the same. The forces that stop the execution are many times larger and not under control, even if we want to believe that it is. For instance, there are those who believe that we-worldwide-can put capitalism on the side and then sit down on the buttons themselves to stop the CO2 emissions, no longer use pesticides, no more to hack the rainforest and no more plastic in the ocean Compilation. But how hard all that is needed, it is-in the words of Arnon Grunberg-magical thinking.

“,” We are born in the wild nature and that is where we belong.But besides surviving, a mammal has a very important purpose, no costs have been spared in finding food for the little ones. The people who took the first steps towards agriculture tens of thousands of years ago came at all costs that their children did not have enough to eat. And then after generations of slow increase in food indeed it turned out that although it is much heavier and totally not what you are made for, if you edit the country just in So鈩?N way you can get more food than you can find in the woods. Because of the fighting spirit we possess, we have sustained it for thousands of years. No creature can do things so well they don’t like it. How often do other animals do that? People can do this and although it was a hell we moved out of nature. Do other animals seem to suffer? Of course, you don’t get all your little ones big and you can go dead to something that you didn’t see coming at all. But the peasants in the Middle Ages sometimes stood up and went to bed with pain and fear. The population continued to grow as long as the amount of food rose and there is no way back. I do not know if we have sewn ourselves, if there were not so many people who formed a network together, we had never gotten a man on the moon. But we went through a hell.

Agriculture is the Engie way in which a growing world population can survive and if more people come will become the bioindustry.

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