Is WordPress hosting necessary? why?

This depends very much on price and benefits, i.e. it depends on what the managed service encompasses and how restrictive the service is when it comes to implementing perhaps special requirements.At first, these are sometimes unforeseeable, but develop over time. There is no general definition of WordPress hosting. Each provider describes the service differently.


Most of the corresponding products should include word press already being set up in a current version.Some users may actually face a hurdle to installing. However, this can be overcome. However, this requires a willingness to deal with some basic technologies and how they work.


As a site operator using WordPress, you have to expect frequent updates of components or the overall system.In the recent past, the clocks have become faster. Sometimes you have to take some precautions (e.g. create a backup), which some users shy away from.

However, this is much easier today than in previous WordPress days.Many smaller updates can be set automatically without any intervention, without the need for an extra service.

What is often done with a managed WordPress hosting service is to updata the themes and plugins.This is currently still a gap, but WordPress itself will probably close soon.

Performance Optimization

This may be an important point.WordPress Hosting should also be optimized for WordPress in terms of page loading speed, e.g. by using the web server software NGINX instead of the widely used Apache web server. NGINX is said to work faster in the WordPress context. Or a cache is offered by default.

In practice, however, there are many other performance-influencing factors.Apart from the content (theme, plugins…), these can also be storage configurations or the way the database is addressed. With a managed service there is at least the chance to optimize here.


Regular backups are important, but not only for WordPress.This includes the fact that there are reassurance options.

Lock-in effect

Some features and possibilities must be “purchased” with restrictions.In order for the provider to provide the service in a meaningful and economical way, standards must be defined that must be adhered to in order for the routines to work. Thus, incompatibilities with exotic extensions (plugins) are not excluded.

In addition, it can be a problem to move the entire installation to another server if you want to switch providers.


Regular, automated tasks are one of the most common requirements when running a website.This is also not WordPress-specific.

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