Is vegan food better for your body? And for the world?

This depends on a lot of things, but generally there are a few things you need to understand.

A vegan diet is not easy, no matter what people say it’s just not true, you’ll have to pay close attention to how much you get inside and whether it’s enough or not.

Now that we have said, let’s look at e.g.Meat, people are made to eat meat, so simple it is, we have evolved specifically so that we can process it, we see it to the prayer and our bodies. That too is a simple fact.

But meat, like anything you can eat or drink, can also be too much.And then I am talking about organic completely natural meat too. But that’s not what we generally get, even if the “better life” asterisk is on T suit.

Antibiotics, is only one of the reasons not to eat meat every day in everyone’s case.But it does not cost you by definition the upside.

So in fact, maybe it’s better just because you don’t eat meat, provided you supplement the rest of what you get inside in whatever way.

It comes down to that no, not by definition, the best is a healthy balance, as it always is best.

Is it better for the world, that’s a nice question.Short? Not necessarily, many vegan diets use a huge amount of soy, sounds very nice but has been a problem for YEARS Soy | Industries | WWF Decades, deforestation you name it.

As with all these questions, the answer is always the same, look for a good balance and if you do not want to leave an ecological footprint, it can be to some extent, but you will have to do a huge amount of research.

So the answer to your question is: not by definition.

Vegan food is the same as diesel feeding to a gasoline engine.

It is an unseemable fact that people are omnivores and that eating animal tissues is an indispensable part of your dieeet.The best way is to keep you in the diet where human beings have evolved over a million years.

A vegabtic diet does not offer vitamin B12 and vitamin A, little vitamin D and calcium and no heis iron.

You could possibly solve this with obsessive swallowing of pills that contain these ingredients.But why?

If you cut a cow open you find according to me something of seven stomachs and deer and horses also have multiple stomachs.These animals have been specializing for millions of years in the most efficient digestion of plant-based ingredients we have in there a digestive system that is more similar to that of a predator or an animal that eats soft plant parts such as fruit.

So it is much better for the earth if you eat a cow’s grass and you then eat his meat because that meat contains all the ingredients that you need and in addition you can eat the soft boiled parts of plants.

In short, use tools where it is meant for.

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