Is This Gucci blackface sweater racist or not? What is your opinion about the scandal it has provoked?

Same as Black Piet.A distinctly racist caricature, without racist intentions (which of course does not make it good)

No, I don’t like it myself.I don’t think a company like Gucci has racist intentions. People now get offended quickly.

Incidentally, I find this sweater an ugly sweater.

On the other hand, this sweater reminds me of a familiar scene from a classic film, Les Quatre Cents coups (1959). [1

The sweater of Les Quatre Cents Coups [2

The ‘ blackface ‘ sweater from Gucci [3

Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


[1 Les Quatre Cents coups-Wikipedia

[2 Fran莽ois Truffaut: All in the Family

[3 ..

According to Van Dale, racism is:
RA 路 cis 路 me (it; o)

  1. theory that the superiority of a BEP.

Breed proclaims

  • Discrimination on the basis of a person’s race
  • dis 路 cri 路 mi 路 na 路 tie (de; v)

    1. Making unlawful distinction: racial Discrimination; Positive discrimination in which BEP.

    Disadvantaged groups receive preferential treatment

    It follows that a certain action is needed for racism to make that unlawful distinction.

    This sweater an sich is certainly not racist as an object .

    The bearing may be that in a given situation, when wearing contributes to making unauthorized distinctions (by the wearer or by others)

    Much will have to do with the intent of the one who wears it, but of course it is somewhat broader and more nuanced than that.

    If the publicity around the jersey contributes to a negative image of a race from which again unauthorized discrimination can be followed, then you would be able to stamp it as racist.But I find it very far fetched.

    Uncomfortable and politically incorrect: Yes

    Racist: probably not.

    Publicity stunt Success 鉁旓笍

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