Is Thierry Baudet a nationalist?

In August 2014, when he was a guest speaker at the annual Iron vigil, Baudet confessed that he was a nationalist and argued that there is nothing wrong with nationalism.He repeated this position several times before the elections.

In fact, he went a step further during his victory speech of March 2019.He said he strove for a ‘ boreale ‘ world. Baudet is known for the use of difficult words. Perhaps because sometimes he doesn’t want everyone to know what he’s about, but he can still say he never kept it secret?

What does ‘ boreeel ‘ mean?
“Literally means Boreaal: Northern.To Boreas, the Greek god of the Northwind. Baudet wants to return to a boreal world. This is a picture of a Europe before major immigration flows. Mussolini (Italian fascist leader, red.) used the term as well. The French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen too. Le Pen is about the ‘ Boreale axis from Gibraltar to Vladivostok ‘. What lies above is the pure oer Europe. It is a way for right-nationalists to talk about the superiority of the Aryan race without using those terms. ‘ ‘

So I think it is safe to claim that Thierry Baudet is a nationalist.

Yet it is quite logical to ask honest questions about the way in which Europe expands its power and has previously been claimed otherwise.

More to know if a people are already ready. What languages are we talking about in Europe, what identity we get.Not as in America is English the language of the food. Are we joining Germany, or France? At Celine at Les. Spain maybe? At Villarba. The Romans? Rusting.

What does it mean for us to connect our welfare state with our occupants in the previous wars, generations before us.Welfare state, what is it? Why is the President of the European Council actually a pole? Oh No, Mr President. And in English then it’s called Yes. Don’t we prefer to hear from England?

We as people have our thoughts though.We notice the inflation and the increase in poverty. Food bank, since 2002. Nice and trendy. Where has our prosperity gone. Can our children still pay a house? Those prices are not bizarre. If you invest 60k you will want to get it out of your house too. Someone has to pay that but why. To which this is beneficial.

And Thierry is the only one to ask questions.Because the rest seems to have gone too deeply to have some criticism. Those let the Syriers here because they find an awful man’s assyad. But what, then, to throw them to a party that will take them out of identity and territory? Or include all those people at the expense of our retirement age. Because if that goes on, the Netherlands is too small and we have to go to Europe.

Because something must be handed in for that, and I also want to know what that is. Just like those who have determined our surname.Because I am a son of Matthijs. And all generations to me too. And these have sometimes not been easy. And I am not dead yet.

So if there is a clear future plan that makes me clear how my surname exists, at least my offspring, then I can say yes.Call that but nationalistic. Do my children still have opportunities in that new world or we become a stripped down province. Whether it is a good investment. That is what it is all about.

Baudet and Hiddema are people who see through the language of the regents, and understand the care of many people.So of the people, and so nationalist. Aber wir sind keine Deutschen. Wir sind von Oranien. With a little beer. Then we can talk about it equally well.

Yes, of the worst kind.

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