Is there literally in the Koran that the Earth is flat? If so, how does one cope with this? Did they have to make changes?

It is clear in the Koran that the sun sets in a pool on Earth, where people live around.So it seems unquestionably that the earth was seen as flat. Whoever wants to “denote” has the same problem as the Christians, who also (in the 10 Commandments) see a Flat Earth. In the then performances, the Earth was a flat disc, resting on pillars. Above a dome, the firmament, to which the stars are attached. Above that dome and under that Earth disk is everywhere water (“The waters under the Earth”). Yes, how is this to be. In Islam, through Tafseer, in Biblical Christianity, also through very difficult and absurd laughter. One does not want the believers to run away, right?

In The 7th century, when Islam was born, everyone who had enjoyed education knew that the Earth is a sphere. In the Egypt of the Ptolomaers it was already discovered that the earth was spherical.

In Mecca and Medina scholars will have had this knowledge as well.

There is much in old texts that makes no sense in the context of a natural scientific worldview.For example, that the world would be created in 6 days.

For example, In a flat world the GPS data would not be correct.One cannot imagine that the military or secret service of a strict Muslim state distrusts the GPS data because the Koran does not provide a basis for this.

Religious writings denote our world, but do not declare it.

Hello.The answer to your question is broader than you think. I’ll explain it to you.

We believe that the Koran is the book of God, but not everything is in the Koran.So the Koran says that you have to pray, but do not explain how to pray. We derive this doctrine from the traditions of the Prophet Mohamed Vzmh. Also called the Hadith.

The Koran is a book for mankind so that means it is for intellectual people and the ordinary carpenter.How we understand the Koran is by means of “Tafseer” (how to understand the Koran.) You must have certain qualifications for this. Therefore, Muslims always refer to what God and the Prophet said and we have expert who translate the Koran for us. Like for example in the law you have professors criminal law, civil law etc. I myself am not qualified to talk about Law on certain matters.

To answer your question:

There are pieces that say that the earth would be flat, but according to the scholar it is indicated that it relates to pieces of the Earth.Like for example the polder in the Netherlands which is right.

There are evidence within the hadith indicating that the earth is spherical. As a Muslim, we believe that the earth is round.

This is a the verse.”And Allah has spread the earth as a carpet for you.” [Koran 71:19 He still says that the mountains have been put down to keep the carpet tight with their weight.

Last, on Youtube, I saw a Saudi Quran scholar who argued that the earth can never be a rotating, round sphere, otherwise an airplane that is flying along with the Earth’s direction of rotation would never arrive at the destination.So even in this Islamic nuclear country, the idea of a flat earth is very common.

Such problems are very difficult for Muslims.They believe the Koran is 100 percent correct. After all, he comes directly from Allah himself. So they will reason and interpret it until it knocks in their eyes. That is crucial, because one mistake and it is clear that the book does not come directly from Allah and what you still have to believe.

There are many such demonstrable erroneous passages.For example, the sun goes down into a muddy pool of water, or that fetuses originate from a clumping of blood, or that the sky is a roof that rests on invisible pillars. Falling stars are rockets that Allah shoots to destroy Djinns.

There are the most creative explanations devised for this kind of passages.There is no point in talking to a Muslim about this, because for him or her the Koran is guaranteed to be 100 percent correct. That is the starting point. So we must respect that.

Yes.In several places the Earth is compared with a carpet.

In addition to being conservative, Islam is also practically established.In practice, one does so as if the earth is a sphere. Also in the Koran is something else.

Incidentally, the writers of the Koran were not the only ones who thought the Earth was flat at that time.

No.It is neither literal nor figuratively. In fact, almost all the versen are clearly pointing towards an atmospheric Earth in motion. The Koran is in perfect harmony with modern science as to the facts, not necessarily the theories.

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