Is there a taboo on declaring that you are an intellectual? Is it a title that others give you?

Some people’s vision of the world was greater than others.Most people just want to live a quiet life with a little adventure and therefore sue jobs that have been there for a long time. This is all but stupid of course! And one is often also good at what they do!

But big ‘ intellectuals ‘ looked just a bit further into the world, with a different spectacle than the average person and were often so interested in something that it was almost an obsession and could thus gain mountains of information on a unexplored subject.

Because little is known about these kinds of topics, it takes a lot of brain power to get more information about it and they are putting their brains to thinking well.

Believe that they are therefore also just a tooth smarter, but this can also be achieved by the average human being.

Also you often see that these people walked behind socially.Whether this was due to a social condition or by the fact that they were in a day to go to get ahead of what they were doing I dare not say.

I think that being smart is a choice, rather than accepting the world as it is, you can also choose to expand the world.

I was often seen as the Smarmerik at home and my brother as the less clever, purely because I save theory well in my couple and my little brother is good with his hands and learns better in practice.In my opinion, I am certainly not smarter than my little brother, we only process knowledge in a different way and try to get further in life in other ways.

I think there is a taboo about explaining any “good” property, qualification or skill.You are supposed to remain modest (as a Belgian just more than as a Dutchman), that is the norm. Otherwise you will be perceived as arrogant. Only the others have the right to stick a label on you. It has something to do with social skills.
Personally I don’t think explaining a good feature is the problem. I think it plays at the receiver that compares to the transmitter.We are going to have a kind of mental competition in which the result sometimes does not stand. Actually, you shouldn’t compare anything. If you would say to someone “look, I think that’s an intellectual one.” That apparently is not a problem for self-esteem.

Now, someone who claimed to be an intellectual and it ultimately does not appear to be, may be a liar, or someone with a defective self-knowledge, or someone with another standard.

If you find something of your own, that is proof that you are not.

Then your range is too small.Only from a small range you can know everything, see through and thus be wise. Wise shopping, I think that’s best. But being wise in life is a bit different. If you are no longer unsure if you know enough and understand, so if you are sure of your business: then it is wrong. Then you are certainly not wise.

You can still be curious.Then you go a better side, it’s about the journey, not the goal.

I think so.You will soon be considered arrogant. Although I am a read, I do not consider myself an intellectual. I think this is something that others have to judge. One of the reasons why I think I can’t think of myself as intellectual is that I have not been able to finish a university degree and a college degree (I have a MBO course). Another reason is that I don’t read much literature. However, I follow the current events quite well, speak 5 languages, have a vwo Diplom and like chess. I believe that this proves that I have intellectual interests. On the one hand, it is questionable whether this is sufficient to be regarded as intellectual. On the other hand, it doesn’t really fascinates me either, because I think you don’t have to be an intellectual to a good overall development. I have often learned many things on the shop floor from people who do not have university or HBO training.

There are two people in our country who find themselves intellectually: Frits Bolkestein and Thierry Baudet.

The rest is normal or what goes on.

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