Is there a real chance of impeachment for Donald Trump?


The Democrats are not starting to do that either.There is simply no majority for that.

Is there any reason for it, as another answer claims?

Well. That’s but what you think is important, huh.

He is lying several times every day.That’s not a story that sounds nice, but just proven hard.

And the evidence that he has entered into a dirty Russia concerning the elections continues to pile up, as does the evidence that he has no clean hands.Not only before the elections, but also during and even thereafter.

I think that is quite important.

On the other hand, we have new elections in a year and a half.That’s to overlook. He has already done the damage he can do. We can still endure a year and a half.

I doubt that he will have enough standing in the next election.It is very uncommon for a seated president to be challenged, but in this case I can imagine that someone will stand up. And since EVERYONE will do better than he does, it may just be that he won’t even be eligible.

Impeachment is not to drop off a president.An impeachment procedure can lead to the dropping of the president.The House of Representatives must initiate proceedings. A simple majority is sufficient for this. The House of Representatives acts as a Grand Jury. Next comes a process in which the President of the Supreme Court acts as judge and the Senate as Jury. The president can only be condemned as 2/3 of the senators for a sentencing vote.

An Impeachment procedure could be there.The House of Representatives now has a majority that Trump is not well-disposed to. Whether this impeachment will lead to the dropping out of Trump I don’t think.

President Clinton also underwent an impeachment.However, it was already known in advance that there would be no 2/3 majority in the Senate to put him off. In the case of Nixon, an impeachment would have led to deposition. Unlike Clinton and Trump, he was clearly guilty of High crimes and misdemeanors.For that it came to this procedure Nixon chose eggs for its money and resigned.

Not as long as he has such a strong followers among the Republican voters.Which is unchanged far above 90 percent. And as long as the economy keeps the wind in the sails, there is not much chance that it will become less.

Impeachment requires the cooperation of Republican people’s representatives and they do not dare to do so in these circumstances.

I follow on YouTube what the Republican, respectively Democratic media report.They are parallel worlds that live in the same country, but have a completely different interpretation of reality. According to the Democrats, the end of Trump and his clique are near, according to the Republicans it is almost fixed that he will be re-elected in 2020.

Procedures are likely to be stretched and delayed by his party for as long as possible, so that he will be able to sit out his term.

Meanwhile, more and more voices are going on (mainly from Democrats) to get him behind bars because of fraud.Then there is no impeachment procedure, which also requires a part of the Republicans to vote, as far as I have understood.

That seems very unlikely to me.There is little to win for the Democrats, without Trump, they are stuck to Mike Pence, presumably worse. They are committed to winning the next presidency, Congress and Senate. America is governed by the law, which is the highest goal, Trump has already placed a very large number of judges there, the damage is done. It had not been much done. In addition, an impeachment puts a lot of evil blood. Then it remains “we against them”.

Right now, No.

From a persuasion standpoint, you see the Democrats now making the turn of Russian influence towards obstruction of justice.A nice move of course, but at the moment it only gives the Trump supporters extra conviction that the Democrats play political games, just as the Republicans did at Bill Clinton. The Capitol is not concerned with the population, the economy and other urgent problems, but with positioning compared to 2020. Both sides have proven in the meantime that of every judge in the Supreme Court can be said which Democrat or which Republican has appointed him or her. That the FBI is full of blue and red males and females. If one side is in power get the ones promotion. If the others are in power, the others are appointed in the highest ranks.

Both the fact that politics controls everything and the politics just still fighting on the streets is a sad thing.Every person who goes for president, whoever has to recruit millions of generous givers who never expect anything in return. Expecting someone with clean hands to become president is something like penguins at the North Pole.

Also notice the totally different film in which both sides are deluding.There is no agreement in these two films. Two realities right next to each other. I find clever feat manipulation.

That opportunity is particularly small.

First, he does very well with the American people.His followers have only become stronger in recent times. The economy is doing very well, and unemployment is lower than it has been in 50 years.

But above all, for impeachment a legitimate reason is needed, and that is simply not there.If it had been there it would have long been acted. Most of the accusations are totally out of nowhere, like his infidelity with Stormy Daniels. Infidelity is not very sympathetic, but it is not punishable.

In addition, an impeachment must be recognized by the Congress, and they are not likely to do so unless there is a serious crime of the President.

Finally, it is not healthy to want to use this kind of power to gain political advantage, which many people seem to want.Firstly, it is just sad, but it is also a danger to the separation of powers, which is crucial for the functioning of the Republic.

The joke would be that as Trump would really be dropped off, he would be replaced by Mike Pence, who is much more upright than Trump.So it would be very damaging to the Democrats.

As long as the Senate is Republican, I don’t see it happen.But the Democrats can now make him tricky with all sorts of investigations from the house.

Something with soup and hot food.But who knows.

The reactions you’ve gotten are mostly personal emotional responses according to me.So let’s actually look at it.

If real without nonsense can be proved that he has influenced the elections together with the Russians than yes the chance is suddenly very real and even plausible.The Republicans and the Democrats would not BE ABLE to put that aside.

An indictment based on direct concrete evidence slightly different, there is no precedent for that, so it is not certain.Whether or not it can, and could he give himself a pardon? Probably but that would also suffer directly from impeachment.

At the moment it does not look like they are actually proving this, and so he can probably sit down and go into the new elections.And that he can win it has proved clear last year. So “that doesn’t happen again” Is a nice not reality-based expression.

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