Fear of heat: thermophobia. An unusually excessive and persistent fear of heat, including hot weather and hot objects. Sufferers suffer from this fear despite realizing that their fear is irrational.

Similarly, you may be wondering what is the strangest phobia?

10 Strangest Phobias You Have Faced will ever meet

  • nomophobia – (fear of not having cellphone access)
  • phobophobia – (fear of a phobia)
  • anthophobia – (fear of flowers)
  • Hexakosioihexekkontahexapho – (Fear of the number 666)
  • Heliophobia – (Fear of sunlight)
  • Chorophobia – (Fear of dancing)
  • Ablutophobia – ( Fear of bathing)

And what causes heliophobia?

The word heliophobia has its origins in the Greek word helios, meaning sun . In some people, heliophobia can be caused by an extreme fear of skin cancer. Others may have a deep, overwhelming fear of wrinkles and photoaging. There are two types of phobias, simple and complex.

Also, what is frigophobia?

Frigophobia is a phobia related to the fear of getting too cold. Those suffering from this problem wrap themselves up in thick clothing and blankets, regardless of the ambient temperature. This disorder has been linked to other mental disorders such as hypochondria and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

How do I get rid of my fear of snakes?

If you are someone who finds ophidiophobia in your life impaired in ways that you would rather not deal with, you should look into cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. CBT is the form of therapy most commonly used to treat specific phobias such as snake phobia.

What is aquaphobia?

Aquaphobia is a specific phobia. That’s an irrational fear of something that doesn’t cause much danger. You may have aquaphobia if you find that any water source causes you excessive anxiety. It can be a swimming pool, a lake, an ocean or even a bathtub.

What is Astrophobia?

Astrophobia is a severe and irrational fear of stars and space. It is one of the specific phobias related to a specific object or situation. For many, astrophobia is strongly linked to the fear of extraterrestrials. Movies like Alien play on the fear that hostile intelligent life might exist outside of our own planet.

Does everyone have a phobia?

Almost everyone has an irrational fear or two of spiders, for example or your annual dental check-up. For most people, these fears are minor. But when fears become so strong that they cause tremendous anxiety and interfere with your normal life, they are called phobias.

What does demophobia mean?

Demophobia is the fear of crowds of people or mobs . People with this fear avoid places that are known to be crowded or heavily populated. The origin of the word demo is Greek (meaning people) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear).

What is hemaphobia?

Hemophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of blood. Sufferers of this very common phobia fear the sight of their own blood, the sight of another person or animal’s blood, and sometimes printed or filmed images of blood, or even thoughts of blood.

What is the fear of math called ?

Currently chosen the best answer.. Math anxiety is fear of math, but not afraid of it. As WesleyCrusher said, arithmophobia is the fear of numbers (or numeraphobia), and fear of shapes is shapephobia.

What is somniphobia?

Somniphobia is the abnormal and irrational fear of the Sleep . Somniphobia, also known as hynophobia, often stems from a deep psychological issue and is often accompanied by the belief that falling asleep is a loss of control. Many sufferers have intense, recurring nightmares that haunt them every night.

What causes spectrophobia?

Spectrophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of ghosts. Sufferers of spectrophobia experience excessive fear despite realizing that their fear is irrational. They may be afraid to go into forests, empty houses, or dark places, and may be alarmed at strange or unexplained noises.

What is the world’s greatest fear?

These are the 10 biggest fears according to internet research…

  • Hydrophobia.
  • Claustrophobia.
  • Emetophobia.
  • Acrophobia.
  • Arachnophobia .
  • Xenophobia.
  • Trypophobia.
  • 1.Agoraphobia. Perhaps the most debilitating of all the phobias listed is the fear of wide open spaces.

What is the fear of death called?

Thanatophobia is a form of fear that characterized by fear of one’s own death or the process of dying. It is commonly referred to as the fear of death. Fear of death is not defined as a disorder in its own right, but may be associated with other depression or anxiety disorders.

What is verbophobia?

Verbophobia is the fear of words. Also called logophobia, verbophobia is related to hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia and sesquipedalophobia (both of which mean fear of long words) and onomatophobia (fear of hearing a specific word or name).

What does linonophobia mean?

Linonophobia is the abnormal fear of threads; and that means threads of all colors and fibers, including yarn, thread, and sometimes even rope.

Is luposlipaphobia a real phobia?

Luposlipaphobia. Part of the fictional and humorous family of phobias, luposlipaphobia is described as the fear of being chased around a kitchen table by timber wolves while wearing socks on a freshly waxed floor. Gary Larson invented this term for his popular comic The Far Side.

Is there a dance phobia?

Chorophobia. Chorophobia (from Greek choro, “dance”) is the fear of dancing. People suffering from chorophobia will do whatever they can to avoid dancing of any form or type.

What is methyphobia?

Methyphobia is the fear of drinking alcohol or becoming an alcoholic The word methy is Greek (meaning alcohol) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Methyphobia is also called potophobia and is related to dipsophobia (fear of drinking).

What is nelophobia?

Nelophobia is the fear of glass. Nelophobia is considered a specific phobia that is discussed on the home page. Nelophobia is also called hyalophobia and hyelophobia and is related to crystalphobia (fear of crystal or glass).

What is dinophobia?

Fear and avoidance of dizziness or vertigo.