Is there a difference in quality in gasoline between the different gas stations? Which gas station has qualitatively the best gasoline?

The difference between the brands is minimal, comes from the same refineries, with a “liquor” which “personalizes” it according to the brand.

Some engines suffer from the ethanol: motorbikes, chainsaws, lawn machines.But that’s the standard now: E10. How ecologically that ethanol is extracted is another story. The same with the bio diesel. One hectare produces 1300 litres of rapeseed oil, net previously 1000 (tractor, fertilizers). The average area per Belgian is 0.3 hectares, i.e. roughly 300 litres/year/Belgian if Belgium is 100% rapeseed. Sacrificing a car per two Belgians and 10% surface? That is 60 litres per car, or 1200 km: do it by bike… What does help is to make vehicles much lighter. The record is still 1989 for a 5p car that can be on the track

2.7 litres/100 km from Dover to Barcelona.Citroen AX-Wikipedia

OK, security?But then apparently at the expense of CO2? Better materials? No, always heavier.

I had good results with 0.3% acetone 0.1% low ash 2S oil as an additive.I use what the NEDC of the Fiat Punto indicates 3.5 liters/100km, but mainly 17 other tricks.…

Acetone cannot be added to production because it is not within the standardised boiling range.2S oil is typically PIB poly-isobulylene, may be.

Eco-Driving one can learn, where that most consume 20% more than the NEDC.In those 17, it was not that tyres for EV (and high tire pressure) consumed considerably less. It can consume less, but I think it is barely influenced by the brand of fuel.

With modern engines you will notice little difference, but when I always drove in oldtimers especially with my Ford Capri from 1974 it was rather in consumption or I at the Tango or the Esso Tankte sometimes up to 100km less far I came on a full tank on the therapist of the Tango , a friend of me has a stocold agrego stand that he doesn’t even get to talk on that cheap stuff, he throws gasoline from Esso, Shell etc in it runs perfectly.

There is indeed a difference in quality between brands, with modern technology it is barely noticeable.

Gasoline and diesel are very accurately defined fuels.That is to say that you have barely any room to vary in terms of the composition of the relevant components. It seems to me very unlikely that someone can demonstrate a different performance from the different brands.

I don’t think the cheap brands are any worse: they don’t have their own refineries, so they just buy stuff from the big guys.

Shell also makes natural gas (among other things) a superior synthetic diesel in Qatar (much cleaner and quieter).
But exactly because it is better, it cannot be sold as diesel.

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