Is there a body or organization that you can knock out if you have help organizing your life? I have long suspected that I am autistic and I am unable to get the simplest things done, can I get help somewhere?

Because general practitioners do not always really help; It is where you live and how old you are.If you are under 20 & lives near The Hague; Youz. (The Beachcombers) is one of the best I know.

For the rest I recommend these links;

NVA | Dutch Association for Autism-Home

Mama Vita

If you are over 20, you can also look at the Parnassia group.If you live in Rotterdam, the best thing I can say is DON’T go to Yulius. I have experienced the most terrible things with them, and I do not want to do that.

To organize your life I would look at life-cycle guidance.So that you can maintain the guidance as long as possible. Here you have a.o. Boba, KompASS & Anton Constandse As far as I know. However, look specifically for life guidance if you want guidance that is not fixed to a period.

I myself have, as far as I know, received my original diagnosis from Yulius, but they absolutely did not.Which was adjusted after a visit to character-character. (That visit was all but pleasant because I had to put my headphones off.. Am still angry. * I get overstimulated by sound, but also with headphones I hear a lot. I can just understand everyone, the headphones are slightly dampening and because of comfortablity, the headphones are damped even more. Less chance of overstimulation.

Huisarten have not helped me as far as I know.

In addition, I know from the strictest experience that a diagnosis cannot solve much.If you want a diagnosis, you are talking intensively with you, your parents or surrounding. And that can be very tough on all of you. By you alone, the diagnosis cannot generally be asked. Know that before you step in. Self-diagnosis is generally not the smartest no, but in this situation sometimes it does. It is how I have not diagnosed my dysthymic disorder (which I have clearly said, like all my supervisors etc.) because a diagnosis may be severe. That’s just so.

And if the questioner is studying, you can also go to stumass, they provide student houses with guidance.(* Added by Iris Van Laar )

Hopefully I have helped you somewhat.A simple Google can also often help well! (Not in terms of diagnoses.)

In Zuid-Holland IT exists.This is an organization that helps to set up professional help.

Volunteer work at MEE-MEE South Holland Noord

This organization is also located in several places in the Netherlands.You may already need your diagnosis before they help you. That means you need a referral from the GP for ASD Diagnostics. Only takes into account a waiting period of 6 months to one year.

The usual way in this type of case is to make a reference for a psychologist through the GP.After diagnosis (it can be anything) the psychologist can also refer to other bodies for practical support.

I agree with Raf, going to the GP is the first step.The GP can help you with this, or in any case refer you oid. Good luck!

I have heard that Stichting Voorzet helps autistic people.But it seems to me that you have to have a diagnosis.

You can also go to the neighbourhood team and there are organizations like Lister, but I think you need a diagnosis for that.So like others, I also advise you to go to the GP. If you really don’t want to, the neighborhood team is a good alternative.

In Belgium there is the grid.

If you come there they will also say that you need a diagnosis to get help.But they can also help you get to the right place for a diagnosis. That’s important because recognizing autism in an adult is a specialism. If you are autistic then you are all your life and so you have developed all sorts of scuffing and bumps and psychological strategist to survive and run with the rest. They can all look like different psychological problems or psychiatric disorders.

Talking to your GP is a good advice, but my experience is that often they can’t really suspect you.Especially if you are a woman and or are reasonably good verbal. Also just a psychologist from the Yellow Pages can not help you.

Not getting your life organized can also point to ADD.This can also occur without autism. Research that for sure too.

Success and Strength!

An answer you might not give birth to, but it is indeed, is 鈧?娄


They help you in the medical, social, feelings, administrative, work and eye… on the emotional level.

Can I advise you to talk to your GP here?He or she will undoubtedly be able to help you. Lots of strength!

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